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Do I have the only kid that sleeps like this?

DD literally sleeps for most of the night on her belly with her knees under her and butt in the air. We call this the tripod around here. It looks crazy uncomfortable, but this has been the newest thing this month. Every time I put her in the crib today, she didn't even bother with her back, side, or tummy...straight to the tripod. Any other tripoders out there?
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Re: Do I have the only kid that sleeps like this?

  • DD used to sleep like this all the time.  She's moved on to flat on her belly sometimes now too - but still likes this position a lot of the time. 


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  • ok my daughter sleeps criss cross applesauce over on her legs...yes it is crazy and it has made her feet turn out.  This is my older daughter.  Even the dr.'s can't believe she sleeps like this.  There have been talk of even giving her a foot brace if her foot doesn't improve....well how can it if she sleeps with her legs cross and laying over them.  Unbelievable

    My other daughter sleeps like your little one...which is actually pretty normal for babies their age. 

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  • Does this answer your question? I have found her in every possible position and some I've never seen before or since.



  • DS used to sleep like that all the time and still does very often...we call it Mount Poopopolis.
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  • image bethy84:
    C is sleeping like that about half the time I see, the other times he's flat on his belly.

    This is us, too.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Sarah starts out like that almost every night, but by the morning I think she's on her belly (lately she's been sitting up when I go in to get her so I'm going by how she was previously).
  • My ds has been sleeping like that ever since he started sleeping on his belly. He usually has little red marks on his knees in the morning.
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  • Sophia is all over her crib every night in different positions. But we find her like that a lot. It seems to be most comfortable for her.

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  • Hehe! I love the tripoder pics! I'll have to snap DD doing it one of these days for the baby book. My H yelled to me from the bedroom the other night that he was ready for bed, and when I came in he was tripoding. :)
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  • Yes, DH and I laugh about how there is nothing more comfy that sleeping with your butt in the air. Once the butt is in the air I know he is down for the night. Also you have to add in that he usually keeps his head at some ridiculously uncomfortable looking angle that makes my neck look sore just looking at him.

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  • Mine do that when they're cold.
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