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Name something worse than the stomach bug....

Ive been barfing my head of since 130 in the morning :( and have thrown up 4 more times since then.  Im starting to turn the corner, but holy crap this is the worst!  I just want to snuggle my boy.  DH luckily planned to take the day off anyways to work at our rental property, but now he's got C duty.  He was going to drop him off at mom mom's, but dad called this morning saying that she had been throwing up too!  Say a prayer that my little guy and DH don't catch this mess!
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Re: Name something worse than the stomach bug....

  • Ugh.  I'm so sorry.  All three of us got that junk here too.  NOT FUN. DD was a trooper about it though.

    Here's hoping your DH and DS don't catch it!!

    Hope you can get some rest today.

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  • I went thru that the weekend before last, ugh. It's been a week and a half and neither DH nor DS has shown any symptoms so I think they avoided it. "knocks on wood". Good luck.
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    The bumpie formerly known as First Time in MI
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  • Yep, I feel your pain. Just went through that Friday. Woke up, went to the bathroom, and it began. Lasted all day. J had it, too, but luckily neither one of the boys caught it. Hope you get to feeling better soon! That is the worst!
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  • Getting eaten by a giant scorpion.
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  • Drowning

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    Drowning in scorpion spit while it eats you.
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  • Ugh! Hang in there! I always think there is nothing worse than barfing. I thought that until DD got the flu (despite getting her two vacc), and then prompty handed it over to me, my dad (who watches her three days per week), and my MIL who literally only watched for for about an hour on one of the mornings when H had to go to work early. All of us were sick at once. That was worse.
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  • That was me yesterday. I'm better today but still not eating. The good news is I just weighed myself and I'm finally down to my pre preg weight!

    I had something very similiar right before July 4. DH got it too but DS never did. Hoping neither gets it this time since DH is on baby duty tomorrow while DC is closed for the holiday.

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