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I don't want to take my Peemie out on Christmas...I want him home.

 I was told if my son continues to do well as far as feedings and gaining  weight then he may be home before Christmas. We are ALL sooooo excited!!  BUT ......Grandma had mentioned today if we will be coming to her house with the baby for Christmas. It's about 45 min. away, but I said I don't think we will because of Cody just coming out of the NICU. I don't want to risk him getting sick. She said in shock, "but it will be just family and it's Christmas?" I felt bad but told her I would have to talk to my hubby and get back with her. This is my husbands great grandma (84 years old) which we usually have Christmas over their every year. I don't know how to tell her and his mother (MIL) with out offending them that if they want to see baby Cody they need to come to our house. Am I just being a overly protective preemie mom? how should I tell them??

Re: I don't want to take my Peemie out on Christmas...I want him home.

  • Try telling her you discussed iwth the Drs and they say it is just best for him to have as little exposure as possible to environments outside home. Sorry it happens to be around Christmas but thems the breaks.

    My MIL drove me nuts when DS was 6 weeks (and he wasn't special needs in any way). She wanted to invite over a friend of hers (that DH didn't even know either) to "hold the baby" because her friend was so sick and having chemo. I know that chemo drugs leech out of your skin during active chemo phases so I was livid and said no, please don't (very awkward as she'd already told the woman it ws ok!). Then she goes over my head and rings a friend of hers who is a Dr (though I'm the one with oncologists in the family who agreed with my position) and "he told me she would be fine and not too immunosuppressed". Hello? I was talking about risk to my baby from toxic drugs not risk to the woman of infection! Get your priorities straight!

    Sorry to rant about my personal circumstances... but enlisting the excuse that it is medical advice might help avert a family issue perhaps? Drs usually don't mind being used as excuses when there is a real issue (which there is for your baby).?

  • No, I think it is selfish for them to expect you to travel so soon after he gets home. It's not worth the risk of him getting sick. I would stay home and enjoy that time with my husband and child.?

    Dont feel bad for saying no. I am sorry you feel you have to attend or risk hurting their feelings.?

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  • You are not being overly protective and I hate to say it but if Cody is released he should not be going anywhere until RSV season is over. Many of us know first hand that medical fragile children are basically in isolation once home and during the winter months for the first year of life.

    We keep Cash away from anyone and everyone who enters our home is to santize of wash there hands. I honestly think like pp said to blame it on the docs if you feel uncomfortable. It will probably be discussed with you before he is taken home. I understand it's the holidays and traditions are traditions, but once Cody came into your lives new traditions begins. Enjoy the holidays at home with your new blessing!

  • uuuugh! People can be so selfish when it comes to Christmas.

    When our DD was born a premie around Christmas time- we did NOT travel that year. We told all of our relatives they could come to us...and only if they weren't the least bit sick!

  • Can your DH handle telling them?  Honestly, I think anyone who expects you to travel with a baby just released from the NICU is exceedingly selfish.  That is just ridiculous pressure to put on you and your family (DH and DS) at this point.


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