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Ok so my older sister is about to have her first baby.... she's due christmas eve and I was leaving a post on her facebook wall and I started looking at her pictures and....I got extremely jealous.... I soon realized that...she had a better pregnancy than me. She had a house when I was homeless at 3-9 months. She had money and food when I didnt eat sometimes 3 days straight. She had her babys father with her the whole step of the way when mine wished we were both dead. She was able to afford BEAUTIFUL maternity pictures....when I had to get 5 dollar ones at walmart.... Her baby was safe and perfect the DD was at risk 24/7....I just feel like i was pregnant wrong....and now shes about to have her baby and it makes me mad because she doesnt know how terrible it feels to be empty again....I hate it...

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  • I am so sorry that your pregnancy was so hard. How is your DD now?

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  • Shes perfect and I couldnt ask for a better baby (literaly lol)


    But she just posted MORE pics of her and her DH....I jusst feel bad becuase my DD is never gonna know her real dad or siblings... 


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  • Your sister made different choices in life.  You need to seriously look at the choices you are making.  A man in your life is not the solution to make your life better.  You need to not have more children until you can take care of yourself and your child, can support yourselves, have a good job and have seen a therapist.  PLEASE NO SEX WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL!  Best to take a break from dating.
  • Well.. regardless of what situation brought you to be a single mother, all I can say is that you are not the only one. My ex husband kicked me out of the house while I was on strict bed rest, I had to break in my mothers home like a thief (mom was out of the state) and I also had little to no money during my pregnancy. It feels really alone mostly when you see other people having the "perfect" life you pictured for yourself, it not only makes you angry, it makes you bitter and it only damages your self esteem, it hurts you. So my advice to you is to try to look at the positive things in your life, I am also trying to look at the good things in my life and try to accept that because of my decisions, my life turned out the way it did, it is very hard to accept reality, but we really have no other choice, than accept reality, and move on towards our next goal in life. God bless you
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  • Most people's lives look perfect when you look at their Facebook photos. You should see the cute family photo I got at Christmas - it isn't going to show you how often I cry or how sick my kids were or any of my marital and family problems. Your sister may have some obvious things going for her, but it doesn't mean her life is perfect. Don't be surprised if she ends up needing your help and advice as she goes through this huge change. 

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