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How were everyone's holidays?

Mine went ok... DS was very "off" the whole weekend.....a lot of melt downs but I think it's hard for any 2 year old to deal with so many changes in routine. He was not really interested in opening presents but did enjoy some of the presents he got (especially the bean bag, a new shape sorter, and a drum set) He also was getting over a stomach bug this week and ended up throwing up early xmas morning :(  I think he will be very happy when things go "back to normal" this week though :)
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Re: How were everyone's holidays?

  • For the most part, it has been great. We took the girls sledding on Christmas Eve, and DD1 loooooved it. DD2, not so much. DH took DD1 again yesterday and they went fast and even went airborne a bit, and she ate it up.

    I woke up on Christmas morning around 6:15, hearing DD1 in her room singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" to herself. :) She was very impressed that Santa left one cookie with a bite taken out of it. 

    She loved her presents, and acted about as excited as she ever does. :)

    On the downside, she and DD2 were playing with a stamp set this morning, and DH tried to tell DD1 that she was holding the stamps so that the animals were upside down -- she got very upset and put her head down and said, "What's wrong with me??" DH felt awful, but she just is so hard on herself when it comes to certain things that even trying to help her a little can set her off.  


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  • I feel very lucky that things went so well. DS did get sick so he skiped the uber-overstimulating Christmas Eve celebration. We went and he stayed with my mom, who took great care of him an DH and I enjoyed the party.

    He did very well Christmas morning, a little excited, and wanted to open everything as soon as he woke up. He threw a few fits while we waited for the grandparents to show up but overall did just fine.

    Went to FIL's house and he managed to obey all the stupid rules there as well! We didn't stay long but at least we went.

    Now to recover from this cold. He needs to sleep tonight though or I might go insane. He has been getting up 3-5 times a night for 3 nights and it is killing me. I need some sleep!


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  • DS did okay. We learned after this year, that next year needs to be different. We have two sets of family that we usually visit on Christmas day. Not doing that again. Just too much of gift opening, not familiar environments and his schedule was all out of whack. 

    The hardest part is that people don't take what DH and I have said about DS seriously (speech delay, developmental delay, multiple therapy sessions per week, etc) and have to see the "nuclear meltdown" (as DH has labeled DS severe meltdowns) to realize how important DS schedule is to the success of an event.

    His official and second evaluation with Children's hospital is next week and we are so ready to be able to speak with the confidence of a doctor behind us. I am coming to realize there is not a whole lot of normal in our life and we are having to make changes to everything (including holidays) in order to make them work for everyone, especially DS. 

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  • Christmas went really well, especially considering for our family it goes on for 3 days and includes lots of people and parties. DS was a little hesitant Christmas morning and not particularly interested in opening presents, but did enjoy the presents he got. He did fantastic with all the hoopla, though, adjusting really well to all the traveling and people, and just generally being in a good mood. He has a hoarde of girl cousins who wanted nothing more than to hug and play with him, and he seemed to enjoy that. However, he was not so into his one boy cousin, age 6- DS would just go up to him and push him for no reason! Guess he is a little jealous:) Overall, I'm really pleased with how the holiday went.
  • Mine was ok. DS woke up in a horrible mood and refused to look at any presents whatsoever. He had melt down after melt down and was so upset when he got up from his nap that DH had to take him upstairs to feed him dinner, away from everyone else. He does not do well at all when there are lots of people over or things are out of his routine. It makes things very difficult and family just doesn't understand.
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  • For those who didn't have a great holiday- I feel for you. There's this expectation that Christmas morning with your kids is supposed to be magical, and it's a huge letdown when that doesn't happen. At least we know it's a letdown even with NT kids plenty of times! I especially feel for you guys with non-supportive families:( I'm hoping you have a better New Year's Eve!
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    The gifts were hit or miss. DS loved his new DCC model train controller. He loved the models he got from my BFF, but the one Santa brought was a duplicate (had to swap that today). There's something wrong with his cable, so I have comast coming to repair and set up his new TV and Google TV box. DH's wireless headphones don't work, if the comcast guy can't sort that out they're going back too. I'm kind of pissed because I set up a new wireless network to support all this crap and for nothing so far. Stiil DS rolled with it which was better than me. I was really frustrated. At least DS could watch his weird uncut DVDs on the new TV.

    Ugh...our Internet cable went out this holiday too!  Comcast was out this morning to fix the issue.  Nothing worse than having presents that require cable and it not working!!

    Our holiday was really nice--LA got sick (but that is pretty much the norm this time of year), so we are doing round the clock breathing treatments now and on antibiotics.  She loved opening presents.  I don't think she still "gets" Christmas, but she had fun!  I think she is going to be really sad when I take the tree down this week--she really enjoys taking the ornaments OFF of it :) 

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