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June 2012 Moms


Are you having them?

What have you craved so far?

For me I'm not necessarily having "need now!" cravings but there are some things that just sound really good! For example, a few weeks ago it was pizza, then cheesecake, tamales, and last night banana nut muffins or bread.

Re: Cravings

  • I am craving diet sprite with cherry from sonic!! 
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  • I was definitely craving homemade spaghetti last week. We're just now getting to it for dinner! Like the PP said, Diet Sprite's been pretty darn tasty, so has Diet Barq's Root Beer!
    Our little Red Raider is here and another is on its way!

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  • Today I needed a salad.... that's really strange for me, because I don't like salad.
  • On Christmas i had a need for chipotle...since it wasnt open on christmas DH took me last night.
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  • I am still suffering from a food aversion in general, but every now and again I see something on tv or hear someone talk about it and I NEED IT NOW!!!! (examples have been: strawberry sundaes, pop tarts, toaster strudels, and orange slices candy..) :)
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  • I've had several. Mainly mac & cheese, which in a way works out because its helping us test DSs dairy allergy to see how its improving (which it is!). Also Whopper Jrs and peanut butter cups.
    Nursed without dairy, egg, soy, peanut, treenut, fish, shellfish or beef for over a year.
    Currently tandem nursing dairy, egg, and shellfish free.
    DS born via emergency c/s after 20 hrs of labor. DD successful VBAC!
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  • Just today we were on the way to get DH a haircut and I said "turn right!! I need a slurpee!"
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  • Today I've been crazy thirsty so anything cold sounds good. The only "need it now" was chipotle guacamole a few wks ago. I dropped dd at home with dh and back tracked 15 mins and stood in line almost 45 mins and then ate it as I drove home, lol.
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  • I just want Kraft macaroni & cheese.  That's all I want.  Boo hissssssss!

    (I can't have it.  I have celiac and have to eat gluten free.  There is good gluten free mac & cheese, but it's not the same.  I just want Kraft!  Wahh!)

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  • Skyline! I want it pretty much every day, but I restrict myself to a couple (okay, sometimes a few) times a week. It's just so tasty! Hopefully my baby doesn't come out with noodle hair...

    For those who don't know, Skyline is a Cincinnati chili restaurant and there are TONS around the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area. There are some scattered around Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and there are even a few in Florida.

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    It's a boy!

  • I haven't had any need it now cravings either, but definitely some "that would be really good if i can get my hands on it" cravings. Not really ever the same things twice, just totally random. 

    I'm only now starting to be able to tolerate food though so we will see what happens.  

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