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Sensory area and weighted blanket

I am currently fostering an 18 month old who is emotionally delayed and has attachment issues due to neglect and abuse, over the past couple of weeks she has had rage-like emotional processing fits to cope with surfacing feelings.  My DW bought an infant toy for her, a doll with different textures on it's dress, crinkle sounds in it's skirt, and a rattle, the doll seems to help her keep calm when she is overwhelmed outside of the house.

I am interested in putting together some kind of sensory space for her (not a whole room but maybe a portion of her room/or a sensory table) but I'm not sure what to put in it.  What are some sensory objects that you use?

She also calms down more efficiently when I lay her in the crib with a few thick blankets on her but this always ends with her drenched in sweat.  I'm thinking a weighted blanket would work well for her but would prefer to make one vs. buying one.  Is there a tutorial that anyone can recommend?


Re: Sensory area and weighted blanket

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    I have looked all over for an easy blog description of how to make a weighted blanket.  I am not a sewer and so far this is the best one I've seen.  I think I'm finally ready to attempt it, so thanks for posting this!

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  • My mil made a blanket put of old blue jeans and it's great.  As far as sensory area we did a small plastic slide into a plastic swimming pool full of balls.  Another option is a small trampoline.  You can also try a storage container with some pasta or beans.
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  • 4Speedy: I am glad you like it! I will admit I haven't made one because we borrowed one with no luck on it helping. But I am glad it might help you.
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