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Just a little worried

I am 8wks 2dys and I am feeling reather well. I have two other children and were so very sick with both thru-out the eniter 9 months. I had a miscarrage in Oct. of this year and 2 weeks after I was pregnant. I found at 6wks and 3dys. I have had some nausea and sore breasts, but I feel pretty great!! It kinda of scares me LOL..after the past two, and sick as I was. I had an U/S at 6weeks saw my little pea pod and even heard the heartbeat. I guess I am asking is there any women who never suffered any pregnacy symptoms? I have a few people tell me they had no idea until they were already 3 nad 4 months along. I think I am just being paranoid after the miscarrage in Oct. Your comments are welcome, Thank you for ready...Happy Healthy Pregancy Everyone!!!

Re: Just a little worried

  • My only symptoms were really sensitive boobs, and some slight queasiness. I never had real morning sickness, and basically felt normal. Later on I had some mild food aversions, but that was it (until 3rd tri--then I was miserable. LOL). I do remember feeling a little concerned because I expected to "feel pregnant," and I didn't! Chances are, you are just lucky like I was! :-)

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  • My only real symptoms until about week 12 was constipation, being tired (which I don't really see as a symptom since I'm always tired when not pregnant), and a slight nausea, nothing that made me hang out near a toilet though, just a little discomfort, and I only noticed it when I was sitting at my desk doing nothing.
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  • I didn't have many "traditional" early pregnancy symptoms.  I got acne on my back for the first time ever, over heated and broke out in hives during a workout session and randomly got a couple dizzy spells right around the time I figured implantation would be.  Knowing my husband was home for a only couple days when I was ovulating and those odd ball symptoms were enough for me to test.


    During the rest of my first trimester I had light nausea, zero energy and terrible acne (acne was from week 6 - week 23) but that's it.

  • First of all, I am sorry for your loss and congrats on your pregnancy! I guess I am s little confused, did you say you got pregnant 2 weeks after your miscarriage? Maybe I am misunderstanding, I know my doctor told me to wait 4 weeks to even have sex after mine. But it sounds like you had a great ultrasound and are lucky to not be sick like you were with the first two. I am sure everything is fine, best of luck to you!
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