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renting our house...

hi ladies!  

we are gonna try the sale/lease to own/rent route on our house now.  Here is the craiglist link.  please check it out and/or share with anyone you think that might be interested.


Re: renting our house...

  • I would add a picture of your kitchen and retake your bedroom picture without the exercise equipment. Can you also add a picture of a bathroom?  Kitchens and bathrooms are what people really look for.  Goodness gracious you have an amazing backyard!

    Per my post below we are all new to the rental thing but I do know for a lease/purchase only about 10% actually go through because they are not legally bound to buy your house so what I've heard is get a large upfront sum of money as a deposit that they will lose if they break the lease/purchase agreement (this is what our realtor told us).

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  • we are going to add more pictures tonight.  i don't know if i have a pic without the equipment.  i do want to take one.  but instead of the elliptical, we have a desk there.  so it's still got something there.  also, my bedspread is nicer now.  lol!

    also - i don't expect someone to want to lease/purchase it.  i'm just happy to get a renter in there.  DH is a little delusional if you ask me, but whatever :)  he wrote the listing.  

    Oh, he's also going to add the rental price to... $1200 

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