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Kaiser Insurance Costs

Hello all,

This is my first time posting here, as I usually hang out on the June 2012 Moms board and the 1st tri board. We are having our first baby in June. At the moment I am covered my insurance through my job, which is Aetna. I found out today the total out of pocket expense for having the baby and all prenatal care is $1500. I am also on my DH insurance through Kaiser. I am thinking about moving over to a doctor over there and having the baby at Kaiser, really because of costs. I live in the San Franando Valley if that matters.

I was wondering if there are any moms out there who used Kaiser for their care. How much did it cost you out of pocket? What was your experience like? I have heard good and bad. I called Kaiser today, and the guy claimed I would only be paying $100 adminstion fee, but that sounds way too good to be true.

Any stories or advice would be graciously appreciated! TIA

ETA: I would be at the Woodland Hills location, and if you have a doctor there you love, please give me the name. Thanks again!


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Re: Kaiser Insurance Costs

  • I also have Kaiser and saw that there is a $100 admission fee. I also think it's too good to be true, but I guess I'll see once d-day comes around.

    I'm also at Kaiser Woodland Hills. Our doctor is Dr. Larry Hess. 

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  • I had both my kids at Kaiser. The first one was totally free. The next one my plan changed so I had to pay $10 per prenatal vist and a $250 admission fee. So if yours is only $100 then that's great!
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  • The cost really depends on the plan the employer purchases. It cost me 500 for admission.

  • I have Kaiser too and so far I haven't had to pay for any of my prenatal visits and I got the letter from the hospital telling me that when I do go in to deliver it'll be $100. I don't know about the hospital expereince yet but so far I've seen the same doctor every month and she's really nice.
  • I delivered 2 babies at the Woodland Hills Kaiser and will deliver my 3rd there too.  The first one I only stayed 24 hours and payed nothing.  The second one I stayed 4 days (after a c-section) and it cost $250.  Both times my co-payment was $5 per visit.  Kaiser has different plans so it depends on your plan.  I see Dr. Stacy Weiss for the "bigger" visits and then midwives for the routine things.  I like Susan Slatin.
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