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Help with DD's odd nap schedule.

DD hasn't napped in about a month and a half. We have a half hour drive home every work day and she falls asleep in the car the every time.  (I leave at 5pm). Sometimes she will wake up when I get her in the house, sometimes she'll sleep until 8:30 pm!

Her bedtime now is from anywhere between 8:30-10 (I really try to get her in no later than 9), and regardless of how long she napped or when she wakes up, she falls asleep right away.

Anyone else's LO go through this? If so, how long did the phase last?  I'm also wondering if I should let that continue? Should I try to wake her up every day when we get home? 

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Re: Help with DD's odd nap schedule.

  • DD used to fall asleep on the way home from school (she was there from 7:30-4:30). She was about 2.5.  She refused to nap there, so I'd bring her into the house for an extra 30 minutes or so, but always get her up by 6.  We have always stuck to an 8pm bedtime.  If she was up til 10, DH and I would have no time for the two of us, and I think that is very important.  She goes in her room at 8 (earlier if she doesn't nap at all), and if she doesn't sleep, that's her business.  She knows yelling won't make us come in and read to her again, get her water, cuddle, cover her up again, etc. so she doesn't try.  More and more so as she gets older, I feel that family dinner time is a non-negotiable, so I get her up from her nap (if she takes one- often she just has a "quiet time" in her room) with enough time to be civil for dinner at 6/6:30.  

    It'll all balance out eventually- her body will become more clear on the sleep it needs.  BUT, DD's naps change every couple months so I don't get too used to anything anymore! 

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  • I don't think that is unusual to fall asleep in the car at this age.  My middle son had a difficult time transitioning out of naps.  He would not nap during the day (stopped napping last fall), but around 4/5pm he would hit a wall.  I would let him nap for tops 30 mins and then got him up for dinner or other activities - as long as it did not interfere with his 7:30 pm bed time. He falls asleep sometimes on his school ride home too (30 mins at 11:30) now.  
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