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Anyone here given birth there?  How family friendly are they?  I DO NOT want my inlaws there AT ALL and I want to make sure they are going to respect my wishes about this.
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Re: Forsyth Medical Center

  • I delivered both my children there.  Have been really pleased with my experiences there.

    They will 100% respect your wishes.  Just make sure to remind each staff at shift change.
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  • No experience there, but your in-law comment cracked me up :)  Good luck!!
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  • I gave birth there and I really loved it.  They are wonderful and will certainly respect your wishes; just make sure to tell them (and every new nurse you encounter at shift change).  Good luck!
  • I'm actually a nurse on the mother/baby unit there!

    We are very family friendly! On labor and delivery you can only have 4 visitors and they each get a special sticker with your room number.

    On M/B we are a little more lax and allow more visitors, but if you don't want your inlaws there, it's best that you just not tell them that you delivered. It's hard for us to monitor visitors. If someone knows your name and they ask what room you're in, someone will just tell them your room #. You can be considered "confidential" if you desire and then staff will not be able to even say you are a patient there.

    Hope that helps! It really is a wonderful place to deliver! And congrats!

  • I signed a sheet (not even meaning to) making it "confidential" - the staff wasn't even allowed to say I was there at all. Made it great because I had co-workers that wanted to come by HOURS after I gave birth.

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