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Oral Aversion? Ha!

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself.

No flaming, please!

We were told by the surgeon a couple of days ago that we can try some things orally with Drake (he has never eaten anything by mouth).  The GI doc told us to start with Cheetos (or something like that - salty) so we tried and he refused.  Yesterday Drake found a piece of wrapped gum on the floor and started playing with it so DH watched him closely thinking there was no way he would put it in his mouth.  Well, pretty soon the gum was unwrapped and he was licking it!!  Please understand that we would NEVER give our 16-month-old gum but, as any parent of a child with oral aversion understands, this was huge!!   Today DH and DD were eating cheetos in front of Drake and he grabbed one and licked it for about 20 minutes!!  OMG!  I know that this is just a first step but I am so happy that he is not absolutely refusing to put things in his mouth anymore!

Any OT's or PT's on here or any moms that have dealt with this?   His OT is out of town right now.   Does this sound like a small step or a big step?  I'm trying to keep myself grounded but it is really hard!

Thanks for reading!


Re: Oral Aversion? Ha!

  • Huge happy news!  Congratulations!
  • I know how excited I get when Joshua puts anything in his mouth...so yay for gum!  :)  Josh's OT got him a z-vibe to help with his oral aversion.  It's an oral vibrator that has different tips and nibs that you screw into the top and it vibrates.  We have a spoon tip that we used when we first tried to get him to eat food and it went over SO much better than the regular spoon.  We also have a bite tip that is soft that he can teethe on and a tip that goes in his soothie pacifier.  Our OT suggested we touch the TMJ area and lips to start and then move to the inside of his mouth (cheeks), sides of his tounge and the roof of his mouth as much as he'd let us and then just let him play with it.  He's had it for less than a month and he's now putting it in his mouth all on his own!  Yippee!!  It may be a good investment for your little one. 

    The other thing she suggested foodwise is to use a very little lemon juice, pickle juice or vinegar on different foods to give a little more input.  Tart things give more input than sweet or salty for whatever reason. 

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  • I too would have to agree that this is a HUGE step. We too have tried lemon juice and even lime juice with Cash.


  • I don't have any advice but wanted to say YAY for progress!!!!!!

    That is very exciting news!!!!!


  • I'm a ST, not OT or PT, but I'd say that being willing to lick things on his own is a huge step! Woohoo for you guys :)
  • YAHOOOO!!!!

    That is great news!! Keep us updated!

    I'm really happy that things are progressing for you guys.

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  • I work on oral aversions during ABA therapy pretty often. That is a HUGE step IMO...we would be celebrating that with any of our kids :)
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