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Hey so I am recently married and have a question about getting care off base. I have gotten so many different answers from friends so I wanted to see if anyone knows. I am from the state my base is in and delivered my first at a hospital about 45 min away from base where we live. I currently have been seen on base, not for pregnancy just normal stuff, but I really want to see my old OB who delievered my first and he is off base. Is it possible for just myself to have all my care off base, but our 2 yr old to still be seen on base?

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  • Yes that's possible. Keep your Daughter in Tricare Prime and switch yourself to Tricare standard. With Standard you will have co-pays and a cap of a certain amount but you are able to choose your provider. Unless you are below a certain rank (E4 I think) you will be locked out of Prime for a year.


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  • You might also check to see if your base has an OB. The one we're at doesn't, so I was able to choose between several doctors off base and stay on Prime. Kind of the best of both worlds. There should be a referral office or at least a person in charge of referrals you could talk to at the on base clinic.
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