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Abigail has had 3 performances in the past month at church and school. My dad and stepmom have been invited to all 3. The first one, they cancelled on me the night before because my sister decided she was going to bring her 3 kids over the next day to visit (my sister lives 10 minutes away so its not like she was coming in from OOT. and instead of telling her they already committed to going to Abigail's performance, they cancelled on me. I was irritated, but it was the same performance my ILs forgot about and was over at my BIL/SIL instead, so I gave my dad a little grace because at least he didn't "forget".

The next one he couldn't go because "he was going to be sick the next day". Believable since he has so many health issues and he hadn't been feeling well. The third one, he had a dr's appt at 11:30am and the program was at noon. 

Well, today, my nephew has his first performance and he goes to it and posts about it all over facebook. I'm so annoyed, and I want to say something to him, but I know it will turn into a fight, which I don't want, especially right before Christmas.  But I'm so used to this kind of thing from my Inlaws, and my dad's always been so critical of them for that. Now he goes and does the same thing! I'm not upset he went to my nephew's performance. I'm glad he did. But I just wish he had gone to at least ONE of Abigail's. 


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  • I'm sorry that's just super annoying all around.  I'd be erked too!
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  • I'm sorry.

    We also have the less prioritized/ nonexistent grandchild.  It's an interesting perspective :/

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  • I can totally sympathize.  The real b!tch is when you have 2 kids and they bend over backwards to show up to things for one and then can hardly bother to be on time for the other. 

  • Ugh, I would have to step in on this and let my parents know that I wasn't okay with it.  Maybe wait until after the holidays, but definitely let them know that you expect equal and fair treatment of all the grandchildren. 

    My grandparents had definite favorites and I never noticed growing up because I was one of the favorites; however, my sister wasn't, and as we've gotten older and talked more openly about it, I've found out that it really affected her self-esteem and hurt our relationship as sisters. 

    Good luck, this is a tough situation to deal with.

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  • imagemingaling1:

    I'm sorry.

    We also have the less prioritized/ nonexistent grandchild.  It's an interesting perspective :/


    This is us too with my inlaws. Eh, I don't like them either. ;)

    I'm sorry this happens though, I know it's tough to watch you kid be not as important to anyone.  

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