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Birthday Party location?

My baby girl is turning the big 1!  I want to make it special.  We currently are living with my in laws because we are trying to buy a home of our own.  I always had it in my mind that I would host her first birthday in our home but, I am accepting the fact that that won't happen.  In my head I had already thought that I would make a dinner and invite family and friends and have the house decorated so cute.  Now I am having to back to the drawing board.  I want to do a Minnie Mouse theme and I have already looked online and there are so many awesome ideas but I still don't have a clue where to host the party.  I don't want to have it at my in laws.  I cant think of anywhere where I could kind of decorate and not break the bank.  If we have it at a restaurant shouldn't we pay for everyone?  Anyone know of a location that i could rent and not cost a ton of $.  TIA

Re: Birthday Party location?

  • i'm not sure where you live, but look into your local community center.  Residents can usually rent their facilities for pretty cheap.  We're in Smyrna and we rented a gorgeous room for DD's 1st birthday and it was only $20 an hour, which included the tables and chairs.  We decorated and made the food so it was really pretty cheap and there is a playground outside so the kids could go out there if they got antsy.

    Good luck!

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  • I agree check the community centers, we rented one at a local park (because it was right next to the fire station where we had a tour) and it was $75 for the entire day.  It included tables, chairs, and a kitchen, very nice, and room for 80 people. 
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  • My friend is having her daughter's 1st at Gymboree.  Not sure what their decor & food restrictions are, but I think all the kids should really love it.  No idea the cost.
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