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Postpartum Depression

Dont know what to do....

Hello everyone.

Im kind of new to this board but ill just jump right in. I need some help in the relationship area. My SO and I have gone through a lot in the past 5 months and I think its finally catching up to us. We got evicted, my brother stole all our money to get a new place and ran to texas, I had a baby when that happened. I'm getting my major depression back, SO doesnt know how to deal with it, we had to move into our parents house (3 1/2 hours by city us away), I have to pretty much beg my mother to allow him to stay the night to see me and his daughter 4 nights a week... Plus Im super paranoid cuz his most recent ex lives like two doors down from his moms house and ive been cheated on in past relationships all most everytime so I freak out easily and we start to yell when I cry about it.... 

How do we relax with eachother? I had a c-section so I cant really do a lot of stuff and no babysitter and he says hes tired of sitting on the couch watching tv so what else??? Please help (no rude posts please) 


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Re: Dont know what to do....

  • Sounds like you need a bit of time to get on your feet. Regardless of distance, the parents house is a place to do that. I dont know full details of your life, but perhaps there is a reason your mother doesnt want him around much? 

    As to the previous cheating... not him right? so if it isnt him, then do not think anything of it right now. Its the least of your concerns and no need to stress yourself over a past he isnt involved in. **if it was him, why did you keep this guy? And it would certainly explain your mothers reluctance**

    finally, how to relax... Thats all you and him sweetie. If he doesnt want to watch TV while you are recovering, perhaps you could find board games or something? Cards?  something to stimulate the mind.

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  • My mother is perfectly fine with him. Its more of a we dont have that much room aspect. And he didnt cheat on me. it was past relationships before i met SO.... We try to take walks together but we get down the street and i start to kinda double over and my hips hurt then he gets mad cuz we havta go back home :(

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  • ok, so things to do other than TV... board games, sit outside and have a mini picnic, play with LO, help eachother fold laundry(yes, i just said that) Bake cookies together.
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