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Hey Everyone!  I'm just looking for some reviews of Dr. Marlino out of Paoli Hospital.  I am pregnant with my second baby.  I delivered my daughter with Chester County OBGYN at Chester County Hospital.  I really wanted to switch to Paoli Hospital this time around.  I was searching for a small practice and found Great Valley OBGYN.  I had my first prenatal appointment with Dr. Wilson.  I was a little on the fence with how I felt about the office after my first appointment.  Then I heard Dr. Marlino had just opened her own practice.  I see her for the first time next week.  Just looking for some reassurance that I am making the right decision about the switch :)

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  • What are your reasons you are on the fence about great valley Ob/Gyn? I used them for my DD - now 16 mos - and I had a great experience. I will say Dr. Wilson was not my favorite but I did like her. But you have to go with your guts. 
  • I actually had my first appointment with Dr. Wilson and wasn't overly in love with her.  I actually thought she was a little abrubt and didn't have the best bedside manner.  I heard good things about the other doctors which is what brought me to their office in the first place.  The nurses in the office were also wonderful.  I just really like the idea of a one doctor practice handling all my prenatal care.  I'm just hoping all the good things I've heard about Dr. Marlino are true. 
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  • Dr. Marlino used to be my OB- I really liked her, but I didn't see her for any pregnancy related issues, so I don't know how helpful this is. I don't see her now because I changed jobs and was no longer ever on the main line, so the trek to the office wasn't worth it.
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  • I see Dr. Marlino and I really like her.  She is very friendly and personable.  She'll chat with you however long you need.  My last appointment I did have to wait a while but that is because she had a family issue going on.  There were no other patients in the office.  I really like her staff too with the exception of a nurse I only saw once and never saw her again.  She didn't really seem like she knew what she was doing.  My only hesitation with using her is that if for some reason she can't be at the delivery, you will have a stranger. One other quick thing, I thought my first appointment would have been longer with her explaining what I should/shouldn't do since it was my first pregnancy but I was more directed to her website to look at that stuff.  I didn't love that.

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