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AW Again - Drake's on the move!

I really can't believe this kid right now!  Surprise

We were told by his OT that he might never crawl because of his mal-formed right hand and wrist but I think she forgot to tell Drake!  My dad was here on Friday and when he was walking out the door my little guy decided he wanted to go, too and got on his hands and knees and off he went!  You could almost hear him say "Hey, Grandpa, wait up!".  :)

He loves to go outside and has made a dash for the door several times over the last few days., we're in trouble........ 

Re: AW Again - Drake's on the move!

  • Awww... that is so cute!  He's just got something to prove, doesn't he!?
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  • How exciting is that  :)
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  • Yipee! You're in trouble now. What a BIG accomplishment for all of you, so exciting!
  • That's so exciting!!!  how cute.  :)
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  • That's wonderful, GO DRAKE!
  • That is wonderful! I can't wait for Marley to start crawling and get into everything. I don't even care if she tears up the whole apartment!
  • aw so freaking happy for you. Way to go Drake.

    DD used to sing Ugly bug ball to carter when he was starting to crawl.

  • ACK! What a great week for your family! I think that Drake is just doing things on his own timeline! Tucker is the exact same way.

    I'm so happy that things are going well and you're seeing all kinds of great new behaviors from him. Good stuff!

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