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Postpartum Depression

Thank You PPD board!

I just recently starting lurking on this board and without even knowing it, you guys (and a very close friend IRL) have given me the courage to accept that something may be wrong and I made an apt to see a Dr. Thank You!

I have been feeling very down lately, ok I'll be honest....about 9 months. I used to be able to pull myself back and feel better, but lately the miserable/sad days are more often than the happy days. I bite everyones head off and feel I am robbing myself of being happy. I miss "ME" and I am going to get "ME" back!!!


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Re: Thank You PPD board!

  • I am so glad this board has helped. It helped me a lot too! congrats on getting some will get yourself back soon!

    BTW: I read your screen name as Love my boobs LOL (and I thought I use to love mine before DD LOL)

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  • Yeah! high fives all around!
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