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Postpartum Depression

Monday Check-In

Hey Ladies,

it's a new week!  Please introduce (or re-introduce) yourself and share your PPD story.  Then let us know how your week went.

 If anyone has suggestions for the weekly theme questions, please share them.

but this week: birth control!

Were you on any before getting pregnant?  After giving birth?
What kind?  How did you chose?
Do you think your method is helping or aggrivating your PPD/PPA/other?
Uh, what else?

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Re: Monday Check-In

  • Yo, I'm Kristen.  I have an almost 9 mo. daughter.  I started PPD treatment (Zoloft) at 6 weeks and at this point I'm doing so much better.  I still have bad days (or occassionaly a bad week), but the support of my husband is priceless.  especially when he lets me sleep in on the week (7:30, whoopie!)

    I didn't take any BC medication and don't now either.

    We do Natural Family Planning, aka Sympto thermal method.  We planned on doing BC and I even had a prescription, but as part of our Catholic marriage preperation, we had to take a NFP (natural family planning) class.  We talked about it A LOT and finally made the decision to try it.  Making that decision felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders - so I knew it was the right choice for us.  it's hard, but it has worked.  We were able to plan our pregnancy pretty well (and God took pity on us and we concieved within two cycles, hooray!)

    I don't know.  I don't have any other form to compare to.  Sometimes I think some BC would even out my hormones, because what the hell, i'm still having night sweats. and I'm cold natured! whaaa?

    Yeah, I was at a loss for more questions.  Maybe after our second baby we'll switch to a different method of BC, something more permanent. I don't know.  We'll make that decision when we get there.

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  • Hello everyone my name is Tatiana. My DD just turned 2 months. Ive been struggling with depression and other things since I was about 12. Ive been on almost every med and sadly they havent helped or just mad it worse...

    As for birth control.....(please dont judge) I dont believe in it. I wasnt on any before I got pregnant and Im not on any now....Dont ask why. My own personal reasons/beliefs. Though now that I know my DH true feelings about it I have broken down and used condoms..... 

    You all have a wonderful day!!!


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  •  I am Mandi.  DS will be 4 months on the 20th.  I have been on anxity meds for awhile (that and depression run in my family) I am not 100% sure that I have PPD but my docs are watching me close and I am back on my meds. 

     BC questions

    Were you on any before getting pregnant?  I was on the pill when I got pregnant After giving birth? I now have an IUD How did you chose? Talked with my OB and we felt it would work best for me and my life.

    I am not sure if it is helping or not mood swings are a side effect and I def have those but I am a moody person 

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  • Hi I am Vicky, I use to have the screen name vickycat...but my boss asked me one day what my screen name was on here and I told I had it change LOL

    I got PPD really bad after my daughter was about a week old. She is nine and a half months old now and I feel much better thanks to Lexapro.

    I was not on the pill before I got pregnant. I don't know how we managed not to get pregnant. I went on the pill after birth just to help with my hormones and clear up my post partum acne (which sucked and was weird because I always had great skin till the it is back to normal)

    I am not on the pill now because I just forget to take it all the I just stopped.

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