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My child will not stop fussing :(

OMG she will not stop fussing. It's been non-stop crying, then angry eating for a few seconds/minutes, then more crying, then burping, then crying, it just seems like it won't end. :(  Last night was the same.  Guess this is her fussy time. It totally sucks.
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Re: My child will not stop fussing :(

  • Jack was like that a few days ago. It has gone away so I hope yours does soon too.

     BTW...I saw your post about weight gain and loss. I hear ya. I gained almost 50 and have only lost about 30 so I have 20 more to go. I wish I was one of the women that lose it all immediately. Oh well...

  • I think our babies have called each other..  DS is doing the same thing and I am at my wits end esp being alone with him for 24 straight hours while dh is working.  He screams and will hush when I give him a bottle but will "fall asleep" after a few sucks then wakes up as soon as I put him down, there is no happy medium..  glad I am not alone
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