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Moms of kids w/Downs...

Does/did your DC have problems pooping? C's digestive system is so messed up. Sometimes he'll go every day for a week, other times he goes up to 4 days w/o pooping at all.. it seems like its been since he's been on solids. He eats nothing but table food now and I limit his dairy and carbs since I've heard they can be the culprit. He only gets whole wheat breads and pastas, tons of pear juice and prune juice. For snacks he gets apricots and prunes..lots of foods high in fiber and he stays well hydrated.

Also the consistency of his poop is messed up (sorry if this is TMI) but sometimes its normal and easy for him to go, then with no change in his diet it will be like Play doh and hard for him to go to the point that he screams and cries and works up a sweat trying to go.

I know with the Downs they have the low tone but any idea what is causing any or all of this? 

Does anyone else have a similar situation? I am at the point where I am writing down everything that goes into that kid to see if I can make any sense of it..

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  • Hey you! We don't have that problem yet....I imagine it could be a problem in the future...

    Maybe try the Baby Center DS forum syndrome



  • Hey Crista!

    Yeah C was fine when he was an just seems like since we started solids and milk he just can regulate his digestive system.. Its frustrating for both of us! I feel so helpless...I'm his mommy, I'm supposed to be able to fix these things! Crying

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  • we had a slight problem when solids were introduced, but now since he's on only solids (minus nursing a couple times a day), i have made sure to feed him lots of veggies and fruit with each meal (bf, lunch, and dinner) and he's fine. ?

    i've heard of moms giving their child activia yogurt and that seemed to do the trick. ?i also know of one mom whos daughter had REALLY bad constipation. ?she started nutrivene and it immediately helped. ??

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  • I don't know enough about this but thought I would share...My cousin has always had huge issues with would be a struggle to get him to use the bathroom because it became aversive to him. He's 31 and my uncle was not well informed with treatments and therapies available for people with Downs when he was younger so it just sort of escalated over time. I do have two children I work with who both have Downs and are on the Autism Spectrum and stick to a gluten free cassein free diet because they have seen improvements in their son's digestion and implulsiveness.
  • Your son sounds exactly like Cody! He did the same thing when he started solids, he will be 3 in January and we still have some pooping issues to the point where its hard for him to go an he cries, it breaks my heart. (I talked to his pediatrician last year about this and she put him on miralax and we give it to him when we notice he hasnt gone in awhile or his poops are hard and it has helped him alot.) Codys BMs also change with out any change to his diet whatsoever and i like you have tried to incorporate high fiber foods in his diet but it doest always work at least not for him. I would talk to his doctor about it and see what they say. So your not alone and i feel your pain it sux! I hope i helped a little.

    Amanda B

  • I teach kids with special needs and currently have two students with DS.  One has terrible problems with constipation and the other is fine...  They're both 7 years old BTW.
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