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C-Section Thursday & Scared!!

Hey Everyone!! Im a FTM Due Dec 5, 2011 & scheduled for my C-section Thursday, December 1. ---Im very happy to be meeting my son, but i am terrified of the surgery. Ive never had surgery, broken bones, etc. Im mostly afraid ill go into panic once I cant feel my legs. Some people also told me I wont be able to feel myself breathe--that freaks me out. Im afraid ill react bad to the medications. Afraid of bleeding to death, dying. Are MY fears normal?? Please give me positive stories to help ease my mind. Thanks in Advance!! [: <3

Re: C-Section Thursday &amp; Scared!!

  • You'll do fine.  Your doctors have probably performed many, many c-sections and since yours is planned, they are well prepared.  Just remember as you are lying there THIS IS IT!  You are going to meet your son.  All you need to do is breath and listen for that first cry. 

    I had an emergency c-section and the worst part was not knowing if my son was safe.  The surgery itself is not scary. It's weird not feeling your bottom half, but it's not scary if you don't allow it to be. 

    Good luck!!!!


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  • I had a very similar post before my c-section, and I am happy to report I survived!

    Everything went fairly seamless, except I did get a severe cold like feeling in my head by the end of the procedure and I got post operative shakes that had to be treated, but all in all, it wasn't a HORRIBLE experience, and one that I would do again for my LO...

  • Don't be scared. I was in the same situation, never had surgery or been in the hospital, but it was way better than I thought. It is painful the first time you get up, but the anesthesia was great, I didn't get nausea or had trouble breathing...and I am a very anxious person. Good luck! Everything will be ok! Congratulations
  • Honestly, I had a traumatic csection..and even that wasnt that bad.  I could feel myself breathing, and really had no crazy issues.

    Painwise, it was really not too bad..I mean, it was a surgery so it did hurt afterward (mine hurt during..but for medical reasons...yours should not), but totally tolerable

  • My second c/s was a total breeze. It was so nice walking in and knowing exactly the day DS would be born. :-) The spinal wasn't even painful, and I could feel myself breathing the whole time. The two absolute worst parts of the whole experience were when they were trying to get an IV in before the surgery (lol) and after they made the first cut my blood pressure dropped which caused me to feel super nauseous for a few minutes before they gave me something for it into my IV. But the second time, it was a great experience. You will do fine! :-)
  • I totally feel the same way you do.  I have never had any surgery, stitches, or broken bones and I am terrified of having a c-section next week.

    Good luck to you. Please post when you are feeling better and let me know how everything went.

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  • Your fears are totally normal.  I had a post a week or so ago that was similar.  I was terrified before my c-section, for many of the same reasons as well as some others.  I made it through though and it ended up being a pretty positive experience!  I cried through the whole spinal and after I went numb, I had a panic attack on the table - I couldn't breathe (they told me I was breathing fine) and my heart was racing, which further contributed to the not being able to breathe.  The anethesiologist was great and got me to calm down and slow my breathing.  Once I calmed down and was getting closer to him getting out I was fine.  I didn't throw up, and I don't think I had the shakes, but did have a lot of annoying itching afterwards.  Once he was out it was all about him.  I just wanted to see him and touch him.  I even have had a pretty good recovery, much better than I expected. 
  • I posted this exact same thing before my c/s. I admit, the spinal freaked me out at first but I was over it within seconds of being numb... It's like a novacaine numb before dental work:-) My heart was racing but once my DD was born, I thought about nothing else. I walked into the OR at 8:46 on the dot and my DD was born at 8:55... from spinal, cut, and birth. That's it! I was in recovery by 9:10 and walking the halls by 1pm. Good luck! So excited for you!
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  • It's totally normal to feel that way and to be scared/anxious, its the fear of the unknown. It really wasn't bad at all. I'll be having a repeat c/s in March and even though the last one was fine it still makes me nervous because I want it all to go well, but its just like if you were to have it vaginally, anything can happen.
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  • Yes, your fears are normal! I am scared of even going into a doctor's office, yet when the day of my scheduled c-section came (my 2nd but first was unplanned), I was actually more excited than nervous. Still nervous of course, but it wasn't as bad as I thought! Everything happened so quickly. I did feel sick once I laid down and it was hard to breathe for a minute but they quickly adjusted my meds. Then I did feel sick about an hour after the c-section, but they gave me a patch behind the ear and that went away. Otherwise, it can be painful at times, but not unbearable, in my opinion. I am sure you will do fine too! I actually felt better after 4 or 5 days, but I think a recliner really helped me with that! I hope everything goes well and I'm sure it will!
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  • I'm sure you are home and doing well by now!  You have to tell us how it went...I had an emergency C 8 years ago, and having a rcs on March 6 and I am having the same fears (even though I've been through it once!) so it must be normal.

     Hope you are well!

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