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Footie PJs and getting leg stuck

DS2 sleeps in footie PJs every night and almost every morning when I go in to get him, he has one leg/foot stuck in the other leg slot.  DS1 never did this.  I'm not sure if he's like that all night or just in the morning once he starts kicking around.  I know he's fine but I'm imagining it's not very comfortable.

Any body else's LO do this?  Am I missing something on how to help keep his legs in the right leg holes? 


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Re: Footie PJs and getting leg stuck

  • Maybe the pjs are too big. DS is super long, so we've never had this problem. That's the only thing I can think of.
  • I thought they might be too long but when I go down a size they are too short.  I think he's grabbing at his feet and grabs the fabric and pulls on it.  This results in his foot sliding up into that leg hole and then I think he's just kicking around and gets that foot stuck in the wrong hole and can't get it back out (it's in there pretty tight).

    Maybe I should try no footie PJs and just have socks on him so if he pulls at the socks, they will just come off and it won't result in his leg getting stuck.  But then I'd probably worry about him getting cold with nothing on his feet.  :)  Although I guess I could do that and just put a sleep sack on him.  Then the socks would just come off in the sleep sack.  Sorry...just thinking out loud. 


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  • I'd try another brand of footies if you haven't already.  Some of my DD footie PJ's are very long in the tourso and seem to have short legs (for her at least)  Carters seem to fit her ok but other brands don't.  For example Gymboree seem to have the long tourso and be larger about the middle and just not fit her right when I go a size up she has ended up with one leg out..  Gymboree is ok in other stuff... just not footiee PJ's for her...

     Hope that helps

  • My lo does this too! Both legs end up in one leg hole or both end up in the torso area!

    She is tall for her weight.  So if the pjs are long enough, they tend to be rather baggy.  I have a few that fit well and they keep her legs in the correct holes-oddly enough they are the cheapy Gerber pjs.

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  • Ooooo, good thinking--yes, I think he is tall for his weight and then the PJs are baggy.  Perhaps I'll look into those snug fitting PJs.  DS1 hated those kind but they may be the thing I need for DS2 so they won't be so baggy.  Thx!

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