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Hey!  Sorry I missed your page!  I am definitely going to have to check out that other site!

Drake is doing amazingly well.  He decided to hit about 20 milestones in less than 2 weeks!  We are having a hard time keeping up.  

How is Carter doing?  Is it difficult for him to feed by tube?  I think the hardest thing is losing mobility.  Drake wants to crawl but he is only off the feeding pump for a couple hours a day.  It really sucks!  We're going to have to put the pole in the middle of the living room so he can get some freedom.  Is Carter getting independant? 

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  • Way to go Drake!!! Wow that is alot of milestones keep going little one.

    Carter is doing very well we go this week for his 1 year check up, he slowly gaining weight and growing. He does not want to eat table food he only wants to eat baby food when we see GI I will be telling them that. I don't think its hard at all to feed him by the tube, he gets overnight feeds only now. He has alot of Gradultion tissuse(sp) it's so gross and they keep burning it and it seems not to work. He is on the way to walking any day only if he can blance himself. Carter could crawl with the pole I just could not catch up some times but the girls were always right behind him. When he was on the pump 24 hrs MH joked getting a rope and hanging it from one end to the other and put the bag on that. What kind of formula is Drake on now.

  • Drake is taking Enfamil Next Step Soy now.  We think he was having issues with dairy so we tried this and his reflux has almost stopped completely!

    Luckily we haven't had problems with the tissue growing around the mic-key but he does have it in his airway.  There really isn't much you can do besides burning it off now and then.  I guess some kids get it a lot.  

    Drake started crawling on Friday!  We weren't sure that he ever would because of his right hand but he is all over the place now and we are putting the pole farther out in the living room!  It's a little awkward but it works! 

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