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could use some T&P pls

I'm stressing.  I try not to sweat the small stuff but this week is crazytown in our house.

We went back to urgent care today because E's eyes were so dark, I was worried about his breathing.  Sure enough he's wheezing, now he's on a nebulizer and steroids at home.  He's just getting sicker.  I hope tomorrow is better.  Andrew is still getting over the same thing plus a sinus infection.

This week is insane for us, I'm not sure how I'm going to do it with 2 sick kids...

 Monday - school, appointment to have Andrew's orthotics looked at.  he keeps tripping and I think he has outgrown them as they are 8 months old.

Tuesday -  School

Wed - 9 am ultrasound at the hospital to look at Andrew's kidney for more kidney stones.  11:30 AM specialist appointment at the hospital. PT in the afternoon.

Thurs - Andrew hernia surgery at 7:30 AM.


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Re: could use some T&P pls

  • Oh my goodness,  I feel for you!  T&Ps everyone feels better soon and you make it through the week!

  • What a crazy week! Lots of T&Ps for a healthy family and as little stress as possible. Vent and update as you can. ::hugs::


    (PS-I was just about to respond to your note about the photos-I've added the book to our Amazon list and will email you soon-but not this week! Thanks for the information!)

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  • Sorry to hear you are having such a rough week.  Hope it gets better.  I will be praying for you and your family.
  • lots of thoughts & prayers... try to have a good week :) will be thinking of all of you.
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  • T&P's super mom - sounds like its going to be a tough week
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  • Oh no...I'm so sorry you have a crazy/stressful week ahead!

    I hope both Elliot and Andrew feel better soon! I feel like this winter ahead is going to be a long one. We havent really had too many illnesses until now. Just had to bring DD back to the doctor this morning; wheezing and now a bad ear infection. So they just switched antibiotics; hope it works!

    I'll be thinking if you guys this will all be a distant memory soon!



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  • Best of luck!  You're SuperMom, so I know you'll handle it all Smile
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  • ((HUGE HUGS)) and T&P. That schedule makes me so tired just looking at it, but if anyone can do this, you can! Looking forward to your victory post on Friday. One foot in front of another until then!
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  • Poor E and A, and mommy!

    Lots of T&Ps to you this week.

  • Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. 



  • T's & P's coming your way from us!


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