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Last night we heard the news that Owen has a grade III intraventricular hemorrhage.  This news completely broke our hearts and left us worrying.  Right now they don't know the impact, but will monitor his head size daily, and he will get another brain scan next week.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  What happened?  I want to hear the good and bad. 
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Re: Grade III IVH

  • I'm sorry to hear about the bleed.  DD had bilateral grade II bleeds that resolved on their own and so far she has no obvious effects from them.  I dont have experience with Grade III bleeds so all I can say is that I can only imagine how worried you are, I can tell you that we had a NICU neighbor who had Grade III bleed and it also resolved with no visible lasting effects.  Every baby is different - I hope the next scan gives better news - I'll be sending shrinking/absorption vibes your way
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  • I'm sorry to hear as well... read online, but dont read too much..there are a few blogs out there that are great stories of some great success stories with IVH bleeds.. Gracie has a 4 & 2..and no one can tell you what the long term significants are going to be.. Just love owen & pray!!  Gracie's 2 has already corrected itself.. soo we just keep hoping!  Good luck!
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  • So sorry to hear about Owen.  Both my boys have/had grade 3 & 4 bleeds.  Ryan's ended up blocking his ventricles so he had a reservoir put in to drain the spinal fluid from his brain (this is why they keep an eye on head size).  He has what is called hydrocephalus.  Aiden's stayed the same for quite a while and last week his 4 was downgraded to a 3.  Of course no one knows what the future will hold, but I've read some interesting things about how the brain can make new connections, etc to make up for any damage that may occur.  I've also met some parents with children who have hydrocephalus and their stories are very encouraging.  At this point there is nothing you can do but pray for your little guy.  I hope everything turns out well.
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  • We have lots of expeirence with this ... DS had a Grade III IVH and they were concerned about possible hyrdrocephalus, it never progressed and eventually began to resolve. DD had a Grade III and Grade IV, both resolved on their own as well.

    They are now 9 mths acutal and are pretty on target for their adjusted age and even meeting some of their actual age milestones. Infact their PT commented during our most recent session that if she hadn't read about the bleeds on their medical summary she'd have a hard time believing it because DD especially is doing so well with motor skils, etc.

    I remember being scared out of my mind from week to week and worried sick that things would get worse. I know their are several other ladies on here with expeirence that will be able to offer some advice and insight as well.

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  • We just found out today that our daughter has a Grade II bleed on the right side. Left side is clear. We are terrified. We have no idea what to think or do.

    Best wishes to your kiddo. :)

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