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Ryder is here!

Delivered at 35w 4d after 16 weeks of bedrest due to cerclage and IC. Ryder was born yesterday at 115pm weighing 4lb 14oz and 18in long. He was super healthy and breathing and did great on his apgars. Originally we were told he could come home w us but his cbc showed a high white blood cell count. He now has to stay to receive more antibiotics. We dont know what the cause of infection is, or how long he will be here. Dr say wbc could be increased due to stress of delivery... this ever happened to anybody?

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  • No advice on the infection/antibiotics, but Welcome Ryder!  

    Post a pic when you can Smile 

    My Blog!

  • Congratulations on the birth of your son. Praying for a short NICU stay. I know my DD was on antibiotics for a few days after birth but that was mainly because of me having been on mag. Salfate 



  • I just want to chime in to say way to go long-term bedrest mama!!!  You did it!  My DS arrived at 35w6d after 15 weeks of bedrest, and I think I was excited to see the end of that tunnel, and my LO, of course.  Best wishes in the NICU and give your little biscuit lots of kisses.
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