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Maternity Clothes ...

Why aren't there any CUTE maternity long sleeve clothes i don't like the kind that "float" on you i want hugging material....

Any suggestions? i haven't bought one shirt yet...So far just 2 jeans, black pants and skirt.

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Re: Maternity Clothes ...

  • All of the clothes I have bought have been regular clothes, maybe a size or two bigger depending. A lot of them have been the long sweaters to cover up my rubber-banded jeans (I hate the thought of buying jeans for just the next few months). Forever21 has a lot of neat, long/tunic style shirts that I can wear now and show off my bump and, hopefully, wear post-preg.
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  • One of my good friends (who happens to be the same size as I am) lent all of her maternity clothes to me. There are some floaty ones & a couple that are tighter and really show off your bump. She got most of her clothes from motherhood.
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  • I've seen fitted, plain colored long sleeved tees at Target.
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  • I've also been wearing tunics/sweater dresses in a size larger than normal.  The regular maternity clothes still look too big and sweaters that hit just below my butt show the bump perfectly.  Depending on the shirts you find, you can belt them right above your bump to show it off better.
  • Target has some long sleeves that have scrunched sides so they are tight. So does motherhood. I'm not into flowy. I have to have form fitting.
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  • I am in love with the basic T's I found at Old Navy. They are anywhere from $8-$12. Lots of colors.


  • I had this very same problem.  I found the perfect long sleeve shirts at Gap Maternity.  And as an added bonus, they always have sales.  I happen to get a great deal on Cyber Monday, but just look for coupon codes or go on their website and they usually have anywhere from 20%-40% off.  You can opt for the free shipping too, but it takes a bit longer, so if you're in a rush and dont mind paying a bit extra, do the 2-3 day shipping.  I got 5 shirts for less than $60 and they are the most comfortable, good quality maternity clothing I own.  
  • Old Navy has great maternity clothes online.
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  • I have a mix of maternity from previous pregnancies and regular clothes.  I just bought some cute work clothes from Ann Taylor and Saks I got them one size bigger.  They may not fit next trimester but I am happy in them now.
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  • I've found fitted tops at Motherhood and Target!
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  • Have you looked at Gap? They have some nice sweaters and long sleeve shirts that are more form fitting.

    Target also has the Liz Lange line that is more form fitting.

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  • I just looked on Motherhood Maternity and I like alot of the sweaters I saw at this stage I get smalls in all Maternity shirts so that they arent to large. Target is one of my fav's but its a hit or miss sometimes.
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  • Just logged back on THANKS!!!! So helpful!!!
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  • TummyStyle has a lot of cute maternity clothes. I've found a lot of things there on sale.
  • Lululemon. I have several and they dont stretch out so I can wear them after too!
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  • I found some cute long sleeved hooded tunic tops @ Old Navy online - I just don't like the lack of selection for colours in maternity clothes...  but overall I really like the tops for fit.
  • Target has some really cute henley long sleeve tops in different colors. They fit tight and hug to your belly, I bought 2 so far, thinking of going back for a couple more.
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