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Gestational Carrier

Has anyone had experience being a gestational carrier, or using one? DH and I are trying to find someone to carry for us and are having a difficult time. Unfortunately there are no relatives/close friends that are candidates for this.

Going through an agency isn't a viable option either, so we're kind of stuck. If anybody has any information, suggestions, etc I'm all ears! Oh and we have been dealing with an REs office(we have frozen embryos) and unfortunately the carriers they know of are already matched and pregnant or done with their surrogacy journeys.

PM me if you have any potential leads or have further questions. Thank you!!

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Re: Gestational Carrier

  • This was maybe 10 years ago, but a former colleague networked and found support online through sites like Surrogate Mothers Online and Parents Pursuing Surrogacy. She found her "match" through an ad on one of these sites (independent, not through an agency). Best of luck.
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