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125 days later..

We are taking Gracie home today!!!!! She was 1lb. 13oz at birth, and today she is going home at 6lbs. 12 oz.. I will be posting pictures to my blog later at


 I have soo many different feelings.. I've been up throughout the night..but stayed up now since 4.. i'm soo eager to run to the hospital & just grab her & go.. but gotta get my stuff in order.. we do have a 2.5 hour drive home.. :(  now I wish it was closer.. but she'll be fine..  I've gotten a LOT of support from a LOT of ladies on here.. Thanks ladies!!!!!

 have a good day everyone! happy monday!

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Re: 125 days later..

  • I remember you posting on the Daily Check-in's with me. Wow, how time flies, I can't believe its been 125 days since you had Gracie and Max! I am so glad that you are finally able to bring Gracie home. I must say she is looking cuter then ever with those chubby cheeks. I hope you enjoy every minute of your day today, it will be so very special! Take lots of pictures. Yes

  • What wonderful news to start the week! Congrats on bringing Gracie
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  • That's great!  Congrats!
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  • Congratulations! Enjoy snuggling your little peanut at home. :)
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  • Wonderful! Congratulations!! We had to drive over an hour home when we finally got to take E home and it was the worst drive of my life LOL 

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  • Whohoooooo!!! Enjoy!!
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  • Congrats on Gracie coming home! Enjoy this special time at home with your whole family!
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  • Woo Hoo!  So excited for you!

  • That's wonderful news!!!  Congrats and enjoy having her at home!!!
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  • Welcome home, Gracie!
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  • Happy homecoming Gracie!
  • Congrats!! So happy to hear this!


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  • Such a special, special day (and I'm sure bittersweet too).  Yay Gracie and congrats mom and dad!!!
    IVF #3 brought us our little explorer.

  • What wonderful news! I'm sure your angel Max is smiling down on all of you, esp. his sister Gracie, today! Enjoy having your little girl at home to love on 24x7.
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  • Congratulations to you again!  I already posted a congrats on FB, but this event deserves double congratulations!  :-)
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  • Yay Momma! Congratulations



  • Welcome home Gracie!  She was born a week before Owen and I cannot imagine still being in the NICU.

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