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big step this weekend:)

Just wanted to share the exciting news, I was finally able to start breast feeding lil Manuel yesterday and today, the LCs said for only being 32 weeks he's picking it up better than expected. He really likes his food:)

on a side note, we were going to attempt putting clothes on him but he's a lil too long for the preemie outfits we had, so we'll try again tomorrow.

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Re: big step this weekend:)

  • That IS exciting!  I remember not being able to sleep when the doctor said I would be able to breastfeed the following day...glad he is doing well :)

    The tall preemie...hmmm...ours was always on the short side, like his mom and dad, go figure.  Hope to see some pics soon!

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  • That's a great step! Congrats-what a special day!
  • So exciting!
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  • Such great news about the breastfeeding...that's an awesome feeling!

    Yay for getting to put clothes on's the little things that excite us preemie moms; I still remember the first outfit I was allowed to put on DD!

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  • Congrats on the Breastfeeding! I have a tall one as well, most clothes we have found say 17 inches, and they are to short for him and he is only 15 inches.
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  • Congrats!! Henry also started going to the breast around that time. He didn't really catch on completely until a little closer to 34 weeks, but I really believe starting early was key to bringing him home earlier AND breastfeeding. I also think it helped that we didn't start bottles until 34 weeks so BFing was pretty established (as much as it can be for a preemie).

    Henry was also long and was out of the Carter's preemie stuff earlier- the BRU preemie stuff never really fit. Carter's newborn size, esp. onesies, worked as did the gymboree and little me preemie stuff which were bigger. Enjoy!

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