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Has anyone actually used an OPK as HPT?

I know what POAS.com says {http://www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.html)

 But I was curious to know if anyone here has actually tried it.

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Re: Has anyone actually used an OPK as HPT?

  • Think about it - would you even definitively believe it until you got a + hpt as well? No. So why eff with your head until then?
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  • They do come back positive when you are KU but I would just use a HPT. I use OPKs now because I have a ton of cheapies left over and I like seeing the lines. The test line is like 3 times darker than the control line.



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  • Yes. I've had a positive OPK with a positive HPT....but I've also had a negative OPK with a positive HPT. I've also had a positive OPK at 13dpo but a negative HPT (and was not pregnant)

    So stick with HPTs for pregnancy testing and OPKs for ovulation testing.  

  • Use hpt. I was using an opk for a few days (with neg) results until the girls over here set me straight. Tested positive on an hpt right away! 



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  • I didn't get a +opk until I was late for AF.
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  • I decided to take an opk on 9dpo and it was a Sunday and it was positive. I ordered some IC from Amazon that came in on Wednesday. I had a digital at home but I wanted to save it. I finally tested (hpt) on Wednesday at 12 dpo and it was positive.

    However weeks later for shiits and giggle I took another opk that was negative and my hpt was still positive. 

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  • image sourapplemartini:
    I didn't get a +opk until I was late for AF.

    This. By that time, I'd already had several +HPTs.  But if you just want to pee on something... 

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  • I did it with DS2, probably like 5 days after my BFP and it was +.  I wouldn't use it alone though to determine pregnancy.  I just did it to see what would happen.
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  • Use a real HPT. I used an OPK a week after I got my BFP just for funsies, but I wouldn't have used it as the actual test.
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  • I once had a positive OPK at 10 dpo and then when I tested w/ HPT it was negative.  I tried the same thing again the next day and the OPK was negative. I was not pregnant.  I would just use HPTs for pregnancy and OPKs for ovulation so there's no confusion.

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