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My 31 weeker Introduction

My little Carly was born Nov 28 at 9:49am. She is 3lb 5 oz. and she was 31 weeks 4 days. Carly is doing great she is off all oxygen and we started introducing her to the breast 2 days ago. She has had 1 apea episoide and is under the bili lights. I hope her stay continues to go as smooth as it has been.  Background on the pregnancy. I had a rough pregnancy, since 10 weeks I had been very sick, on and off bed rest. at 28 weeks they mesured my cervix and found out that it had shortened to a 1.8 and a few days later I was having allot of contractions and went to L&D, my cervix had shortened even more and I was put on stricked bed rest. A week latter I had another FFN test and cervical check and passed the FFN but my cervix was a .7. 2 days later my water broke 2 days after my water braking I went into labor. I would like to know when your 31-32 weekers were able to come home from the Nicu, I know every  baby is dif. it would just be nice to know. I would also like to know how long it took for you to recover from bed rest and delivery. I spend my day in the Nicu and when I get home at 5, I can't keep my eyes open, I also have no stamina, The walk to the Nicu is pretty far, and when I get there I am week and light headed and have to sit for awhile before I can hold Carly. I can't wait to have my energy back.

Thank You,

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Re: My 31 weeker Introduction

  • I also have a 31 weeker.  I'm glad to hear that little Carly is doing so well in the NICU!

    I was on bedrest for 6 days following my water breaking at 30w5d. Emmeline was delivered on 10/16/11 at 31w3d weighing 3 lbs. 13 oz. She did really well in the NICU- never needed any oxygen or breathing support. She had a few events (apnea and bradys) and they put her on caffeine.  That seemed to make them stop.  She was taken off the caffeine at 34 weeks and was event-free.  She was in the NICU for 35 days and was released on 11/19/11.  She is now 6 lbs. 14 oz. 

    Remember to take time for yourself while LO is in the NICU. I visited twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening for about 3 hours each time, usually around feeding times so she could practice BFing. If you need to go home and nap for a few hours during the day-do it! You need to take care of yourself so you are fully recovered when she comes home.  

    I hope your NICU stay remains uneventful and Carly is able to come home soon! Feel free to PM me if you ever want support or just need to vent.  

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  • Congratulations on Carly!  

    Rest up as much as you can. I would say it took me 2 weeks to feel almost better. I would recommend not staying in the NICU all day. Instead stay for 2 consecutive feelings or just one. You need your energy to prepare for when she comes home. 

    I had my LO at 32+4/7th weeks. My water broke and I was able to stay pregnant another 4 days. My Sofia was in the NICU mainly to feed and grow but was under the bili lights for a bit. We were prepared for her to be there until her due date but she came home after 22 days in the NICU. 

    Rest up!


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  • No advice on a 31 weeker - just wanted to welcome you to the board.

  • Congratulations! I had DD and DS at 31w3d after 11 weeks of strict bed rest. They were in the NICU for exactly 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks I was recovering, partly from c-section but mostly from bed rest, and would go for 2-3 hours at night with DH after he got home from work. The last 3 weeks I would go for 2-3 hours during the day for a feeding, and then 2-3 hours at night with DH. I know there are people that spend a lot more time there, but between pumping and trying to get my energy back, and also preparing for them to come home since I "missed" half my second tri and all of my third, I just couldn't do it.

    I hope you have a short and uneventful NICU stay! 

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  • Congratulations! Welcome to the board.

    I had my guy at 31w3d.  He was 2lb3oz and spent 41 days in the NICU.  Hope your stay is shorter than ours!  

    Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

    We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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  • Welcome! My guy came at 31w3d after my water broke (I had a history of cervical incompetence). He was 4lbs3oz and was in the NICU for 36days.
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  • My first son was born at 31w 0 days and is now almost 3 years old and doing great.  Congratulations!  He was in the NICU for 31 days, mostly just as a grower/feeder - it took him a while to figure out how to eat.

     Take care of yourself -- your baby will be home before you know it, and you will need your energy then.

  • I only had a few hours of bed rest before dd was born, so my situation is a bit different. It took about a month after my c section to feel somewhat normal again.

    Dd was born at 31w1d weighing 2lb 3oz. She only needing breathing support the first day, and after that she was breathing room air. She came home 39 days later at 4lb 6oz. She just needed to get big enough to regulate her temp and learn how to eat orally. She was under the bili lights for a few weeks. 

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