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I feel like my son fits in with the 10 month olds :-(

DS is 22 months and was 11 weeks premature. (Born at 29 weeks) He can only say Mommy and Daddy, but we're going to work with a speech therapist in a few months. I feel like he's so behind all the other LOs in my birth board, they can all run, and my son walks and occasionally falls, he's a lot smaller (As you can see in my siggy pic)

What I'm trying to say is, is this normal for a preemie? I just saw a post in toddler 12-24 where a bumpie said her 13 month old can run. :-( 

Re: I feel like my son fits in with the 10 month olds :-(

  • If it makes you feel any better I have two 10 month olds who are just learning to crawl :)

    It is so hard not to compare to others, especially on the boards, where I think people tend to post more about their LOs who are advanced on skills, as opposed to behind. 

    You asked if this is normal. Has your pedi raised any concerns? Have you had any type of evaluation done of your LO? That is the best way to determine if he is on track and whether he may need some extra help catching up.

    Hang in there, it is sometimes overwhelming.

    P.S. Your LO is such a cutie! 


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  • I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated.  I am sure that is hard.  No advice, just support.
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  • As a preemie mom to a 27 weeker I get alot of comments about DS's milestones and its mostly negative how he's not doing things yet. DS is 10 months, turning 11 months in two weeks and is starting to sit up on his own but can't crawl yet.  And that is just fine! His adjusted age is 7 months so he is right on target!  When asked why he's not sitting up on his own very well, I tell people DS has such a big head its hard for him to hold up all those brains!  He's a shrimp too, I think only 25 inches but that just means he takes after his shrimp mama!  We have an OT that visits every week right now and what she says goes.  She's taught me exercises to teach him how to roll and roll to sit up. She says he's on target then to heck with what everyone else thinks!  If you are worried have your child evaluated and learn things to do with him to develop his balance or whatever.  Early steps is a federal, free program where they monitor your child's development till age 3.  And my OT is awesome, but they have PT and speech as well.  I've very thankful we have them come to our house every week! 

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  • Early steps must only be in my state, but maybe there's something similar to where you are!
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  • Yeah, one of the girls on my bump board (who I know enough to know that she's not lying) has a son who learned to crawl just short of 5 months and is pulling up and taking steps now at just over 6 months. Every baby develops at their own pace - some are lightning fast, others are slower.

    If it makes you feel better, in the playgroup I'm in there are 2 babies who were both 20 months when we started the group. One could run around, the other was "walking" on his knees but wouldn't stand. Now, 3 months later, he's on his feet and walking, but still not running. Neither of them were premature.

    I know it's hard, but try not to compare your baby with others. I try to avoid reading posts like that on my month board because I know my LO is behind the others. Just the other day, though, she learned how to roll belly to back and babble within 2 days.

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  • my DS#1 was 14wks premature and is 23 months almost and just learned to run didnt walk til 19months and still falls alot and rarely ever speaks real words just baby talk still
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  • Corri was 10 weeks early, and for a while I worried she was behind (she didn't crawl until just shy of 10 months), but then she just started catching up really fast, and is now on target or ahead for her actual age. I think sometimes our little peanuts just get a slow start and then BAM, they start doing everything at once! 

    I do get how you feel though; we take Corri to little gym every week and she is by far the teeniest in class (though she is in the 50th for height and 25th for weight...I think everyone else just grew some giant kids, lol), and sometimes DH and I get worried that she is behind (she isn't jumping and wont hang on the bars unsupported, while a ton of the other kids in her class can/will)...it's easy to forget that all kids learn things at different times.

    Hang in there, mama, your LO is doing the best he possibly can, and he will catch up, they all do! 

  • (hugs)

    EDIT: I read wrong - I thought he was 22 adjusted he's only 19 adjusted? I'd still have an eval done.   We got our evals done at 19 adjusted for the same issues.


    THis was us exactly a year ago.  My son is almost 3 now.  (he walked at 17 mo adjusted, 20-21 actual age)

    A year ago he could not walk steady (he tripped a lot) had 2 words " car" and "gagi" (daddy) and 3 other sounds "gagaga" "yayaya" and "bababa".   He was sick constantly.  He would not self feed any table foods and refused to be fed via spoon. 

     In the past year he had surgery to have his adenoids out.  AT 23 months old we started Speech Therapy and feeding therapy/fine motor.   At 27 months, he got orthotics, started PT, and school twice a week.

    Now, at 35 months, about a year later, OMG.

     This kid runs, jumps, climbs stairs, talks at a  3 year old level in sentences. He eats ANYthing.  He does not gag.  He can climb ladders at the play ground.  He is completely caught up in fine motor.

    My advice is to do anything and everything you can now.  Start NOW.  be proactive.  You might feel a bit overboard, you're probably not.  Start ST now. 

    please email me, if you want.

    [email protected]

    our son was doing so so well, he was completely caught up, but once he hit about 15 months adjusted everything just halted and we got such bad news throw at us.  I'm so glad we've done everything we have and he's doing lightyears better now.  This been a year of very hard work for him, he gets therapy 4/week now (startd off 2/week a year ago) and is in school now 3 days a week.  But it's sooo worth it!


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