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DD is almost one!!!!! Idea/gifts for NICU??

Hey ladies, I havent posted here in such a long time! Hope everyone is doing well! I was driving to a BRU that is on the same route to the NICU that we took day after day after day a year ago.  I couldn't help but start crying like baby on the drive last night, I was replaying everything in my head and I totally broke down! 

We are having DD's birthday party next Sunday, and I was thinking of taking her to see her dr at the NICU next week sometime, is this weird to do?  I just can't help but think they saved her life, literally, I can never show the amount of appreciation I have for them.  Any gift ideas, or ideas to say Thank You?!?  Thanks ladies!

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Re: DD is almost one!!!!! Idea/gifts for NICU??

  • We took Kevin back to the NICU in November to see his nurses.  The doctors were gone for the day since we timed it for the 7pm shift change.  They were thrilled to see him so I highly recommend taking her back for a visit.

    As for a thank you for the NICU.  Food was always appreciated at our NICU - either for the staff or for the other NICU families.  Since Kevin was born so close to Christmas last year we took a couple party platter trays (veggies and dip; fruit and dip) in for that and then we took in Munchkins for New Year's Eve.  We did trays of cookies and individual boxes of cookies for Kevin's due date.

    Our NICU also had a dedicated MOD person who coordinated activities and dinners for the families in the NICU so I was thinking of bringing in a meal to share with the current NICU families.

    Another idea is donating equipment you no longer need to the NICU.  We're going to contact our social worker and offer her our baby swing and other equipment we don't want to store. 

  • I took my DD back to the NICU the day after her first birthday.  It just happened that her primary dr and a bunch of our favorite nurses were on that day so it really worked out.  They loved seeing her and how well she's doing.  The nurses at our NICU all wear brown scrubs so I had frosted sugar cookies made that looked like brown scrub t-shirts with a lil pink heart on the pocket. 
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  • We're doing that too! I would get them a card and maybe wrap up a little snowglobe or something for them.
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