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Ahhh, the benefits of the 6-week growth spurt

We had few rough days, but Maya has been such a delight yesterday and today.  She slept well last night - was down at 6pm, up to eat at 11:30, back down at 12:30, up to eat again at 3:30 and down till 6:30.  For some that may be no big deal, but for us, that was HUGE!  Such a nice night.

She's also been napping so well, and is just the sweetest little thing when she's up. 

I hope this lasts!  It's so nice!

Re: Ahhh, the benefits of the 6-week growth spurt

  • Is this what happens after a growth spurt?  Please tell me yes, even if it's not true. I need something to hold on to because it's been a VERY long day!!

    Allison has eaten every 45 minutes today and has slept for about 10 minutes total.  The rest of the time she's been fussy, whining, or screaming.  DH finally got her to sleep and we're both afraid to breathe in case it makes her want to eat or start crying again!

  • Berty, yes, they are rough.  It will get better!!  Hugs, dear :)
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  • That's great!  Anderson sleeps a lot during spurts, too.  Hope you get another restfull night!  Maya is adorable.  :)
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