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HFM Diaper Rash- any other suggestions?

Sophie is pretty much over the mouth/hand part but this diaper rash is insane.  It is clearly painful- she screams as soon as she poops/pees.  My normal method for stubborn rashes is Maalox + A&D rotated w/ Lotrimin + A&D.  But the Maalox made her scream so bad that I abondoned it quickly and the Lotrimin is doing hella nothing since its not really yeast (pedi said to keep using it to keep the yeast at bay).  I've switched to Triple Paste now but still not seeing any improvement.  The thing that finally healed the sores around her mouth was Neosporin... think its ok to put some of that on it and cover it w/ the Triple Paste?  Any other ideas?  How much longer is this going to drag out?  Its been a week since the sores first appeared around her mouth.






Re: HFM Diaper Rash- any other suggestions?

  • We have used a combo of cortisone, neosporin and lotrimin for a bad rash (applied thinly with a qtip) with either purple desitin or calmoseptine over it and it seems to work quickly.  Haven't used it for HFM, though.  If there's no possibility of yeast you can skip the lotrimin.
  • have you done the bath with baking soda?
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  • I SWEAR by purple desitin.  It's the only thing that really touches a bad rash when E gets one.  However, it's really strong so it can tend to sting a little when you first apply it, so she may hate it.
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  • We lather on aquaphora then put destin on top of it. It's worked even on the really bad ones bailey gets when on antibiotics. 
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  • Aveeno oatmeal bath with baking soda. Let her air dry, then try neosporin. If she can't get relief call the on call Dr and ask for a combo that has nyastatin in it. That is the only thing, that helped Colin when it was so bad that the OTC stuff wouldn't help. It was a compounded formula and was absolute magic. 
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  • aquaphor will block it from touching it from the wet.  
  • The diaper rash was the last thing to clear up with Matthew's HFM and the worst.  I believe we did Triple Paste and the purple Desitin as well.  Those are the 2 things that will wipe out his diaper rash the quickest.  Good luck!

  • We had a really terrible rash that was yeast based and was clearly painful and hard to get rid of.  They nights that it was obviously causing a lot of pain, we used the vagisil wipes.  They seemed to help soothe the pain and have a topical numbing agent in them.  Then we used a layer of Monistat, hydrocortisone, and then the purple desitin.  You should only use hydocortisone 1-2x daily, but you can use the others every diaper change. 

    Like I said, this was for a yeast rash so I'm not sure if it will help you or not.  But the vagisil wipes couldn't hurt and they may do the trick to make her feel better temporarily.  Good luck! 

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