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Little update to high biliruben levels

Got some results back today and he is down to a 12.4! we were told that if tomorrows blood tests come back with an even lower number then we wont have to do the blood tests anymore and will only have to do the bed for a couple more days.

Thank you so much ladies for the awesome support. Hope you all are having a great day! 


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Re: Little update to high biliruben levels

  • Good Luck. I know how much of a pain that is. Mylee had to get blood work done by an at home nurse for 3 days to check the biliruben levels. They didn't give us a uv strip or anything though. We just took her outside a lot and put her bassinett near the window.
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  • Great news!! I know from experience what a relief it is to hear that it is dropping. 
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  • Congrats - that's great progress!!  We struggled with this too and it was such a relief when the numbers started dropping.
  • I'm not up to speed on your LO's story, but congratulations - our first two weeks were hell because of jaundice and high biliruben levels - C had to get pricked/blood drawn 4 days in a row and sleep with those phototherapy pads for three days and nights - I was a wreck.

    Hang in there, good luck, but glad to hear the worst is over! 

  • My DD was born on 10/29 and had high bili levels as well. They moved her to the special care nursery after I was discharged because her number jumped from 18 to 24 which is very rare. She was on intensive photo therapy and meds which didnt seem to help much. The dr decided to do a blood exchange (had to do 2 as the first didnt take) to avoid playing the "yoyo" game. Throughout all this time I could not hold her at all. I cried everyday because I wanted her home and healthy. She was FINALLY released at 10 days old (bili was at a 3) and I was so happy.

     I know our situation was very rare and I hope this never happens to anyone else. Hang in there Smile

  • congrats on it being lower!! I hope that your LO is getting better now! Keep us all updated!
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