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Thanksgiving with the Kardashians, I mean my family...

Anybody care to hear the full version?  Nobody asked yet so I figured you were getting your reality show fix on tv.  :)

Re: Thanksgiving with the Kardashians, I mean my family...

  • c'mon.  out with it lady!
  • Well, the first thing that happened was we arrived at the same time as my BIL and his new girlfriend.  She is a nice German lady with blonde hair that is in dreadlocks.  I asked her if she had kids and she said yes, a son.  I asked if he was with his Daddy and she replied, no, he is with his other mommy.  So, I had to take a deep cleansing breath as I realized my BIL was into dating alternatives now.  I always tried to stick with folks who had the same sexual orientation as me when I was dating, but I guess once the freedom hits, anything goes and you can live out all your fantasies.  She is a really smart and nice lady, but since she likes women I don't see long term potential there.  And my sister's boyfriend's sister who actually is a lesbian in a LTR with another woman who also came to Tday dinner picked up on the fact that BIL's gf played for their team.  At one point I thought things would get interesting when I mentioned we were thinking about getting a TV for Black Friday and BIL's gf got warmed up on a rant abt American Consumerism and how Europeans would never stoop so low, but she chilled out pretty quickly showing an impressive amount of self-restraint.

    In other news my sister's boyfriend bought my niece a giant Play-doh activity can.  It had 20 colors of play-doh and then 45 accessories.  He said he thought it looked "really fun".  Well, at least he didn't bring that to my house.  And it did keep the girls entertained for hours as they mixed all 20 colors into one giant ball and then got play-doh niblets all over my mother's oriental rug.  Isaac had fun, too!  He carried Play-doh cans and tops all over the house, dragging play-doh niblets all over the first floor and grinding said niblets into the rug.  There was literally a layer of play-doh that I peeled off the bottom of his shoes. Mom made my sister's boyfriend clean up the mess in front of all of us and told him the next time he bought play-doh to her grandkids she was baking a pie with it and making him eat it.

    And my sister's bf's stepdad lives in the same hoosy doosy neighborhood as Akon and is really pompous so its probably a good thing he didn't sit next to my BIL's gf and talk about Black Friday. 

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  • Wowzers!  That is a doozy of  Thanksgiving and did provide me plenty of entertainment.  Glad you survived :)

  • That's AWESOME!!! 
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  • I definitely enjoyed reading that!  Glad you survived.
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