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Does anyone follow anyone on Pinterest for special needs websites-- therapeutic activity ideas, adaptive equipment, quotes and articles, etc.?

I just got started and would like to create a board like that.



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  • Wow, thanks!

    That page also linked to this one, which looks amazing, too: 

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  • I keep hearing about this pinterest stuff and have not checked it out......I guess I need to? Is it basically a blogosphere?
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  • I had been putting it off because I don't have much time, but the thought of resources for DS lured me in. In my pre-DS life I would have been all over it because I love crafty stuff and learning new things.

    Basically, if you go to a site and like what it is about and want to remember it, you "pin" it to one of your corkboards. And then your friends who are on there can see it, too. If they like it, too, they can then repin it to their own corkboards.

    I am always favoriting websites about medical and therapeutic stuff for DS, but I feel like I miss out on a lot of cool websites because I don't know the right search terms for Google. This is a way to kind of "share the wealth".  So the two members linked above have a wealth of good stuff I can browse through and repin if I want to remember or try it.

    I do think it will be very addicting, for better or for worse! :) Must. Step. Away. And. Shower. Now. :)

  • OMG can I say overwhelming??? Those are great ideas though....Thanks for the lowdown on WTheck it is...

    Between that and my googling youtube for Beckman Oral Motor videos and Kaufman Speech therapies I think my head may explode!!!! Argh! I will never know enough....

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • That board belongs to our OT. She's amazing and SO good at what she does. She stopped ds's demyelination. She's got some great ideas. 
  • Thanks so much for all the ideas!  I love pinterest and this just made it even better!
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