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can you go from burp cloth to diaper?

I have prefolds that we used as burp cloths, I'm going to try cloth diapering and trying to save money can I use them for diapers now?  Do I need to do anything special to prep them or anything? 

 I'm completely new to this any help would be wonderful!!

Thank you!

Re: can you go from burp cloth to diaper?

  • The only thing I could see is what detergent you washed them in and if you used dryer sheets while washing them with your other regular items. They may need to be stripped first to avoid repelling. 
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  • If you're talking about Gerber prefolds, I don't know that it'd be worth the time it took to strip them to try them out as CDs. I'd hate to see you get discouraged with CDing because they suck.

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  • Lol....they are Gerbers, I wondered if they would even be worth trying. Can you suggest some cheap prefolds that work well?   I'll be using them with thirsties duo wrap covers.
  • I totally started out cloth diapering in Gerber prefolds. People heard that I was going to cloth diaper, so they bought me those. haha. They worked well enough. Held in poop and pee, not overly absorbant, but kinda not so soft for LOs bum. I got the OsoCozy unbleached indian cotton prefolds and I think those are wonderful. Nice and soft and super absorbant. I'd give them a try.
  • has $1 Indian prefolds with free shipping if you want to try decent prefolds for cheap! Their Chinese cotton prefolds are $1.50 I think. 

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  • Either the cottonbabies ones, or if you want to trifold them in the cover, Nicki's Imagine Smart Fit prefolds. I think they're $1.50 each.
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  • LOL!... The Gerber ones work OK if you want to try CDing.  I used them with my DD#2 and we did OK I just kept a close eye on wetness and we couldn?t CD at night without a lot of bulk.  I bought some Chinese prefolds from Cottonbabies for my DS (due any day) and they have fluffed up really really nicely and I?m excited about using them. 

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