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Tell me about your sleep regression and/or crazy bedtime

So, my LO is about 10 weeks old.  A few weeks ago he started consistently giving me a good 4-6 hour stretch when he first went down at the beginning of the night.  And he also would go down fairly easily in his RnP.  About 5 days ago everything changed.  He has been so hard to get down.  Taking up to 1-2hours and his first stretch now is more like 2-4 hours.  After that I give him a paci and he sleeps off an on for another hour (replace paci a couple times during this time).  He's not really eating more during the night but is up more and way harder to put down. Anyway, where did my sleepy baby go?  Did anyone go through a sleep regression like this and did it go back to normal?  Any advice? 

Re: Tell me about your sleep regression and/or crazy bedtime

  • Ahhhh, I feel your pain...Our LO is 13weeks today and about 2 weeks ago we took some steps backwards.  Up until then we were making progress and even had a few nights where she only got up once and I had to WAKE HER (imagine that) to get ready for day care in the am!!!!  But alas, it all changed...and we have gone backwards - she decided that she likes to get up at least 2-3 times a night recently...been going on for about 2 or 3 weeks now.  I think it is just part of their growing, growth spurts, working on new tasks, etc.  I will say, it is frustrating to have flirted with 1x/night waking to where we are now (that and I am back to work full-time and exhausted)!!!  I think it just something we have to wait out.  It is hard though, reading posts about LO's younger than mine that sleep so much better...But, I know my time will come (or at least I hope so)...
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  • yep, here too. went to sleep at 7:30, woke up at 10, back down at 11:30, up at 1:45, down at 3:45 (!!) up at 4:45 (!!!) and back up at 6:30. WTFFFFFFFF.

  • I have been waiting for this mode to hit again. He has been on time for all the other fussyperiods. Yay for some more sleepless night.
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  • DD definitely took a few steps backwards in the sleep department this week. I'm really hoping it starts to get better again. I miss what little sleep I was getting before.
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