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North Carolina Babies

**NC Babies List 11/30/11**

Lots of new updates and new babies! Party!!! Let me know if I missed anything.

This list is for the ladies on the NC Board to keep track of our expecting and new moms. If you would like to be added to the list, please post a separate introduction post and jump in our discussions.

Expecting moms already on the list can "check-in" on this post to let us know how you're feeling! 

2011 Due Dates
11/11/11 Annahbobana - Boy (Logan James)
11/19/11 poz - Girl (Bexley Paige)

12/25/11 uncharch7 - Boy
12/27/11 nark - Boy

2012 Due Dates
01/10/12 mudluscious4 - Boy
01/15/12 rach2100 -  Girl (Adoption!)
01/23/12 aandjfrancis - Girl
01/30/12 mualamonica - Boy (Tucker Paul)
02/25/12 lawren - Boy (Owen Matthew)
02/27/12 allisons1014 - Girl (Alice Ann)
03/06/12 MommyMals2012 - Boy
03/16/12 raceyrae - Boy
03/21/12 kjennnn - Girl
05/07/12 ecugirl2004
05/26/12 Katamarie
05/27/12 veronicacorningstone
05/30/12 NatPhoto09
05/30/12 Jules_NC

2011 Births
01/26/11 Vivianlee - Girl (Naomi) [EDD: 1/30/10]
02/10/11 kimilane - Girl (Lorelei) [EDD: 02/22/11]
03/19/11 AmericanTribal - (Drake) [EDD:3/31/11]
03/30/11 Lalabee0425 - (Callie) [EDD: 04/06/11]
04/07/11 Buckin - (Boy) Matthew Levi [EDD: 3/30/11]
04/18/11 Mom2A&E (B/G Twins) Amelia & Eli [EDD: ? ]
04/25/11 flamencogal - (Nate) [EDD: 5/17/11]
05/04/11 nique1015 - Boy (Aiden John) [EDD 05/09/11]
05/07/11 phunkeymonkey - (Jameson Tyler)
05/12/11 JenShea- (Lucas Hudson) [EDD: 05/31/11]
06/02/11 dbertagni- (Cameron Wesley) [scheduled C/S)]
06/17/11 unc_pirate- (Felicity Paige) [EDD: 06/18/11]
06/21/11 Starz080- (Lydia Laura) [schd. c/s]
06/25/11 clschnack - Boy [EDD: 06/30/11]
06/28/11 markyslove - (Kennedy Elizabeth) [EDD: 06/22/11]
07/01/11 Aubs13 - (Stephen) [EDD 7/5/11]
07/23/11 Lauren79 - Girl (Alianna Jade) [EDD: 7/22/11]
07/30/11 sophabelle - Girl (Ava) [EDD: 8/4/11]
08/02/11 Mom2Eleanor - Boy (Andrew David) [EDD: 8/18/11]
08/09/11 skirk429 - Girl (Claire Jean0 [EDD: 8/16/11]
08/15/11 shockleyh - Girl (Stella Corinne) [EDD: 8/20/11]
08/25/11 NCHokieGal - Girl (Zoe Elizabeth) [EDD: 08/18/11]
08/27/11 tourqeyes - Boy (Tanner Eli) [EDD 08/26/11]
08/28/11 CurbsideProphet - Girl (Alice) [EDD 09/07/11]
09/01/11 mrsmikey - Girl (Amelia Paige) [EDD 09/16/11]
09/03/11 tracelini - Boy (Coleman Bryon) [EDD 09/13/11]
09/09/11 erin_aaronsbaby - Boy (Liam) [EDD 09/09/11]
09/08/11 StarLightStar22 - Twin Girls (Haley & Riley)
10/21/11 feistyred23 - Girl (Megan Alexa) [EDD 11/10/11]
11/15/11 bobsbride2006 - Boy (Griffin Robert) [scheduled c/s]
11/23/11 MRSGOLABONTE - Boy (Zachary Ryan) [EDD 11/26/11]
11/27/11 mrs.katiegnowc - Girl (Willa Anne) [EDD 11/30/11]

Please post any additions, corrections or updates!!

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Re: **NC Babies List 11/30/11**

  • I still can't believe I'm on this list!  So excited, but still somewhat in shock (you'd think I'd be over it by now, especially since we had been trying for a while).  I'm getting ready to schedule the "big U/S"  (for right after Christmas) and I am not totally sure we're planning to find out the sex (I am 99% sure it's boy).  I am realllllllllllllllly torn!  Still fighting A LOT of nausea and I am SO READY for the 2nd trimester 'energy burst' to take effect. At this time with E I was feeling pretty good.  

    We have one MAJOR house project to complete before #2 arrives - complete a bedroom.  It's currently our "loft" (3 walls) and it needs a closet and wall built.  We're big DIYers, but I have put my foot down that we're getting this done by a professional (someone who can finish it in a set amount of time).  I've got a lot of research to do - never hired anyone to work in our house!  I'm taking recommendations!

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  • I'm sorry you are still feeling crappy.  My big ultrasound won't be until after the first of the year.  And yeah for getting your house ready before baby #2.  We are in a rental so we won't be doing much for the new baby.

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  • That really stinks that you're still feeling bad.  DH is in the construction business, but I can't get him to do anything around the house!! (My battle right now is shelving in our closet).  Good luck finding someone to work on your house.  DH has a family friend who started up a company in Sanford (really outside of Sanford city limits, by Jordan Lake) and he did a bunch of work on DH's uncle's house.  But I don't know much else other than the work I've seen him do at DH's uncle's and a pool deck he and DH helped DH's cousin build, so I don't know if I could legitimately recommend him. heh.
  • Still hard to believe I only have a few weeks left in the 2nd trimester.  I love how frequently I feel this little guy kick and move around.  He's a mover!  I'm feeling more achy at this stage than I did with the girls but I guess it just gives me more of an excuse to try to rest (ha, ha!).
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