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Fun cheap toy

Target has cardboard color houses (in the crayon/marker/paper section) for children by RoseArt that are less than $15.  Usually these things are $40 plus so this is a steal.

My kids love to make forts and color stuff. But after a few days they are done with it so $15 is a perfect price.


Happy shopping!

Re: Fun cheap toy

  • They have those giant ones that they can actually get inside for only $15?!  That's crazy.  I just saw some of those recently at Hobby Lobby and the rocket ship one was like $50 or $75.  I definitely need to check these out.  I thought they looked fun but not for anywhere near that price.

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  • agreed, I've seen them cheap at Hobby Lobby and on zulilly too.  Blows my mind that some of the boutique toy stores around here sell them for like $80!

    We folded up the last one we bought and put it in the storage room after the newness wore off and then a few months later I picked up a pack of stickers and brought it back out and they played with it all over again. 


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  • Thanks!  That would be a fun Santa gift.  Well worth 15.
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  • I got one at JcPenny for 9.99! It was marked down to 19 and I had one of those ten dollar off any purchase coupons. It is going to be Juli's Christmas present.
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