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Dr appts frustration

Between my OB and the specialist I am loosing my mind with all the appointments. I can't even keep them straight. The specialist wont see me the same day as the regular OB. Is that normal? I hate missing work because I have to call in my own sub and make all the lessons. Not to mention I worry about my class. So now I'm missing days all over the place. I'm sure the nurse at the OB thinks I'm crazy because I totally forgot I have an appt soon. I am praying my placenta moves. If it does will they still try to c section because I have a 2 vessel cord?
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Re: Dr appts frustration

  • I think Virginia delivered VBAC with a 2-vessel chord.  She'd have to fill you in if she sees this post.
  • I certainly know the feeling.  I had a hell of a time scheduling appointments with my OB and the specialists this time around.  As a SAHM, I had NO one to watch Emma very often.  I felt like I lived at the OB office.  I had appointments every 2 weeks for the last few months because of my gestational diabetes, and then twice a WEEK to have NSTs done for the last month or so.  It was a nightmare.  Not to mention, while I LOVE Dr. Dawson, I hate the wait times at his office.  What should have been a 30 minute check-up frequently turned into a 1-2 hour event.  Hang in there.  No experience with the 2 vessel cord, but if it does end up in a c-section, it's REALLY not that bad.  In fact, my recovery was better than with my vaginal delivery.
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  • I can sympathazie, it is frustrating to spend so much time in dr's offices. When I was pregnant with Ryan I was seeing my OB, perinatalogist, endocrinologist, and had to do a cardiology consult. I was working nighta then, so I didn't have to miss work but it really screwed up my sleep schedule when I had appointments (usually 1-2 per week).
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  • I Forgot to mention that I used to work as a mother baby nurse and I have never heard of someone being sectioned due to a two vessel cord.
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