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Breaking The News...

We are wanting to break the news to family and friends on Christmas that we are pregnant. How would you recommend it? We have thought of a few ideas...

-Give each family member a onsie that says 'I love my [nana, papa, aunt, uncle, etc.]

-Have our oldest daughter wear a shirt that says 'I'm a Big Sister'

-I found a this cute maternity shirt that I could wear.[]

 What ways have you seen that you think would be a cute idea? 


Re: Breaking The News...

  • All 3 ideas are great. You could also send Christmas cards ahead of time with a cute photo. I love the one that has the sibling holding a sign that says, "I'm going to be a big sister (etc)!"
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  • We just announced on Thanksgiving, having DD wearing her "Big sister" shirt.. It worked and everyone was ecstatic :)
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  • We had the Grandparents open a framed picture (one of those "babies first year" frames) with a photo of the sonogram. It was really exciting once they figured it out.
  • We gave my parents a gift with a newborn boy outfit and a newborn girl outfit in it.  There was also a card that read, "Merry Christmas!  Are you ready to be a grandma and grandpa?".  Totally got the reaction we wanted.
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  • Sorry, we did one of each outfits just cause we didn't know the sex of course, not because we were having twins. lol
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  • Thanks everybody for the help! :) I think I have some ideas. :) I will be sure to share what we ended up using and the reaction. :)
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