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Need Some Help Please.

Hi Everyone, I don't post here but I lurk on the toddler and 3rd tri boards. My sister just found out she's pregnant and the father just went back to NC after finishing boot camp for the Marines. He is a friend of hers but she has no way to contact him and I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how she could go about contacting him. TIA

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  • I don't mean this snarky or rude:  If they are friends does she not have a telephone number or email?  Do they have any mutual friends? Is he from NC or stationed there?  I don't really know how the marines work and there's no magical military database(that I know of) that gives you military members information.  I'd suggest either the yellow pages or Facebook.
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  • I have a friend stationed at the Marine Corps base there if you tell me his rank and last name I can see if my friend can contact him. otherwise I'm not sure how else she could reach him other than FB email or phone.
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  • The only reason she shouldn't be able to contact him by phone or email is if he is doing some sort of training where he is out in the field and not back in the barracks at all. Idk how she can contact him otherwise.

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  • Thanks for the replies, I was able to find her the phone number she needed to call to get his address. I also find it strange that she couldn't get the address from a mutual friend but she is young and I don't think she's thinking straight right now. It's a lot for her to take in.
  • I know with the Army during boot camp, there isn't any contact allowed except snail mail.  AIT (the specialized school for job) they got to have more liberties.
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