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Another Newbie!

I too am new (sort of)! I've been reading up on this website for awhile now and have found its a very useful resource. Not only that but comforting at the same time. In a sense that there are other women out there hoping for the same outcome as myself, a baby!

Here is my situation. I'm 35 almost 36 and we had also thrown out the B/C over two years ago. We decided to be "casual" about TTC and let nature take it's course. A few months ago we started to get more serious about it. We are now on month 3 and still nothing. I'm becoming frustrated! After all it wasn't until a few months ago I started seeing pregnant women everywhere! Not to mention a close friend of mine is having an abortion because she had sex one night out of the month and got pregnant by a guy she doesn't even see after that night! I come from a HUGE family of 7 children I being the oldest and the only one with no children. Fertility has never been an issue in this family. In fact I have 33 nieces and nephews! I feel like I'm being punished! 

Now i'm no size 6 but have a steady/ normal cycle and a clean bill of health from the doc. So I'm hoping it will happen soon. In the meantime I wish all you ladies the best of luck and look forward to all I will learn from you!  

Mrs. B

Re: Another Newbie!

  • Welcome!  Good luck in your journey.  Don't discount the two years you were off BC.  Just because you werent charting doesnt mean they dont count.  It is not too early to check in with a Dr.

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  • Welcome. And ditto Ambsies.

  • Thank you Ladiebug710 for your kind words! I wish you all the luck in the world!!!


     People said some of the post on here are vicious! I never said I had "fertility issues" I'm new to blogging not just plain new. I was simply expressing how I feel' this is allowed isan't it? Yes I am charting and yes I have visited fertility friend and am well aware of the entire process as well as the timing of it all. I was simply taking a few moments to say "hello" not to give someone the opportunity to comment on things i didn't write.

    Thanks but no thanks. 

    Mrs. B
  • image Ambsies:

    image Mrs.Brennan:
    Fertility has never been an issue in this family. ... I feel like I'm being punished!

    Sorry, I must have misunderstood you.  I thought you were implying that you do have fertility issues in the comment above.

    No one has said anything vicious to you.  If you were referring to me- if you have read any other posts by me you'll see that I'm pretty much all puppies and rainbows (99% of the time).  You explained that you'd been off b/c for 2 years but only seriously trying for 3 months.  A lot of people TTC at the wrong time of the month- I was only trying to point you in the direction of FF to be helpful.

    She is probably off blogging some place else by now..

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  • No I'm not off blogging someplace else,this is the first and last place I will ever blog. I did write that fertility HAD never been and issue IN MY FAMILY NOT that I feel like I have a fertility issue. I don't feel that way but I do feel like I'm punished for waiting soo long to start trying to conceive.

    However way you look at it 2 1/2 years is a loong time. Yes, i've been charting this whole time but only recently started with the OPK (my cycles have always been like clockwork I didn't see a need to start the OPK). So I know what I'm doing I was simply reaching out to other people that maybe feeling as frustrated.

     It looks as though you have accomplished what a lot of ladies on here are desperately still searching for. This sight has been a terrific place for information. All I ask is that Bumpies think before you type, after all you were TTC once to, remember.  

    Mrs. B
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